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Young Power Couple In The Making? Drake and Rihanna Spotted Together After His Show


Rihanna was spotted with Drake after one of his shows, they were both a Bootsey Bellows last night, even though she was throwing subliminal shots at him the other day, I guess all is well again with these two.

This girl spotted the two and took to her Twitter page to say that the table that she was supposed to get, was given to Rihanna and Drake

kristen doute ‏@kristendoute 27m
Totes just got our table replaced by Rihanna and drake #shithappens #hollyweird #notmad

kristen doute ‏@kristendoute 25m
Hennessy, GG, Ciroc @rihanna

BZ_XItaCEAAmNSG bytugaqu (1) BZ_CNMzCMAAP-Fv

TOMIK ‏@PartyWithTomik 1h
@rihanna in the house!!! #backroom #mondays @BootsyBellows

TOMIK ‏@PartyWithTomik 1h @drake in the dj booth spinning @BootsyBellows !!!

@Drake is djing back room at @BootsyBellows #living

Maybe they are just friends or friends with benefits, if that is the case it’s easier sleeping with a familiar face than random guys, but of course he would be on Rihanna after she scooped up the first ever Icon Award… It makes sense that they would try to work on something together, maybe she wants him to write for her new album.. I don’t know.. But I can see #Aubrih2014 on the horizon… I think they are together, but just not saying “ANYTHING” right now. Check out everyone who came out to see Drake perform last night in LA.

drake-la-show-1 drake-la-show-2 drake-la-show-3 drake-la-show-7 drake-la-show-8


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  • Coffy Brown

    Nice Pics, and Im with you Elle, I think they are friends with benefits at the very least – And are just gonna keep it on the low low until they are ready to share – which is cool with me – for some strange reason I see them together and it doesnt disgust me – Even though Rih would def be wearing the pants.. lmao – Love this piece mama!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye know Chris Brown is PISSED!!! Zoe is dating a white guy though

  • Marcywise

    They are not dating! Come on lol. How is he dating Rihanna & was just on a date the weekend after last with Zoe. I don’t even see why people think so RIGHT NOW. Now down the line maybe. I think they are just hanging & just enjoying shows. LOL. Nicki was there too. I guess he may date her too lol.

  • mb

    So is Drake dating Zoe Kravtiz or not? I can’t keep up with these two, everyday there is a new story.

    • KiaSoto

      right, i like zoe and they would be a cute couple but she’ll probably end up with a good white guy