You Know Solange Also Used Footage Of The Shuttle Challenger In Her I Decided Video?


Beyonce’ could of gotten the Idea from her sister who was the first to use the Shuttle Challenger tragedy in her video for “I decided”, which was the first single from her debut album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams. It’s not looking too good for the Knowles Carter Clan at this time. Right now Bey is under fire for using the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy and she responds, by saying it was tribute….

I decided video: @ 3.34 mark

I guess because Beyonce is more popular, that people would notice despite the fact that this has been out for years. No one was checkin for Solo’S video.. But this is interesting as hell…  That means she stole or copied her sister?


  • Coffy Brown

    OMg Elle – I love ya gifs . lmao – Its so sad now Im curious as to why they would use the footage or the sound bytes – Im thinkin maybe there was another way to pay homage if that is in fact what the ultimate goal was – I wont satop listenning to either of them behind this – but it would be cool if they took the families of the vicitms into consideration during their creative processes

  • Venessa Thomas

    WOW!!! Y???