You Just Got Knocked the **** Out!!!! Diddy Lays Hands on Drake


I don’t know what is up with Drake and his “homewrecking” ways as of late, but Imma need for him to learn how to keep little Drizzy in his pants.

While news broke over the weekend that Drake was allegedly being Karrueche’s side piece while Breezy was away doing his bid, he got into another altercation with a famous guy over his leading lady. The famous guy I’m referring to is Mr. Diddy himself and the leading lady is none other than his on-again,off-again,main chick,side chick, ride or die, future baby mama Cassie. Over the weekend, Diddy, Cassie and Drake were all partying in the popular Miami nightclub Liv. Drake, who obviously had one to many drinks, thought it was cool to get his flirt on with Cassie, even though Daddy Diddy was there as well. Cassie tried her best to brush Drizzy off but I guess she wasn’t brushing hard enough because Diddy still felt the need to come and let Drake know to stay away from his woman. Now I don’t know if Drake was “On One” or what but he laughed off Diddy’s warnings. Afterwards Diddy allegedly walked up to Aubrey and that’s when things went from “zero to a hundred real quick” and Diddy pulled a Rick James and smacked him in his face. Some sources even say he three-pieced Drake. There has even been word that Drake is in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder because of the incident, but no word as of yet from Drake’s camp on what really happened. Now if this did happen I’m sure Drake will be in hiding for a while until those marks clear up, because as beige as he is you know Diddy left some marks. I just find it funny that Drake is such a man-whore and that he preys on the same type of women. I mean look at Rihanna, Karrueche, Cassie…all women dealing with playboys who in some way probably see Drake as just a way to make their man jealous and Drake, in typical Drake fashion is probably ok with that. Either way I’m sure we’ll get a great song out of this once he’s better.
Updated: Drake was punched by Diddy before they entered the club, it was not over Cassie! Stay tuned!!

5 thoughts on “You Just Got Knocked the **** Out!!!! Diddy Lays Hands on Drake

  1. Somebody is gonna get hurt really bad over this shit soon!! I don’t believe Karrueche would give Drake the time of day though!!

  2. Puffy is too old and rich to be throwing blows over a ” KEPT GIRLFRIEND,” (not wife). If true, Drake better pump his breaks because he’s playing with fire these days and he’ll get burnt. Puffy is powerful! First Koochy Tran now Cassie btw, who are close friends. Drake’s lil yellow/pink d!ck gotta stank, every time you turn around, he’s screwing a different Trick.

  3. I don’t think that Drake would’ve pushed up on Cassie, if he hadn’t been drinking, then again, who knows. It’s like you said Brittany Rivee, we see the kind of women that Drake seems to like. I’d be tired of being used by women jus’ to make their “main man” jealous, jus’ my opinion. PEACE!!!

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