Wiz Khalifa Cheating on Amber Throughout their Whole Marriage, Text’s, Pics….. Receipts!

2012 MTV Video Music Awards - ArrivalsSome damming news have surfaced about Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s relationship, it appears that he’s been cheating on her through out the whole marriage with a woman named Alex Taylor and they began their relationship in 2012  before they got married. He also introduced her to his mother and she was cool with him messing around with the girl too.. Poor Amber, she really loved that dude. He even had another chick besides her too…

 Screen-Shot-2014-11-18-at-1.55.23-PM(Pay attention to the woman that is sitting to the right of Wiz Khalifa in this picture)

According to THE Shaderoom.com they came with the TEA:

A few months back we were contacted by a close “friend” of a woman named Alex Taylor. The friend told us that Alex had a romantic relationship with Wiz Khalifa that began in 2012, before he married Amber Rose. We went to her page, did a little snooping, and noticed that she was pretty open about her obsession for Wiz. We grouped her in with the rest of the attention-seeking females and moved on.

Over the past couple of months more tips kept rolling in on Alex. We decided to dig a little deeper and found out that Amber Rose is currently following Alex on Twitter ( @_Kingbundy ). Alex talks about her love for Wiz all day long and we thought it was odd that Amber would follow this girl, especially since she follows less than 500 people.




(Alex Taylor is pictured above. She has the same braids/beads and outfit as the woman in the picture that Wiz Khalifa posted – on the right) 


We also found a connection between Alex and Wiz Khalifa’s mother Peachie. We obtained screenshots (below) of the two of them conversing back and forth frequently. Alex even refers to Peachie as “ma”. Peachie even wished Alex happy birthday.




After that, we contacted a few people close to her. Alex met a new friend that just happened to be a friend of TSR and….well we won’t tell you how we got our hands on this information (wink* wink*). Just read below:

I met Cam when I was 20, three years ago. I just randomly tweeted him & he responded back “Iss quite alright” I will never forget that lol at the time his friend Lonnie and I were good friends so I told him tell Wiz he just tweeted me he said tell him yourself put him on the phone. That’s really where it all started. He asked for my number but it was crazy because he didn’t actually use my number right away I’ll say two weeks went by, he called n asked me could he fly me to a show in NYC I was in school at the time so I couldn’t travel as much. From that point we always have had casual conversation until his under the influence tour he sent me tickets for the show in Tallahassee n told me clear whatever I had planned the show was Nov .29th 2012 on Tennessee St. with Juicy J. I’m not a groupie or a gold digger so I told him I’m not on that “go home with you” after the show type chick he said he respected that! The following February he flew me to New York for some event I remember that night because things where getting kinda out there he had me play as if I was there for his uncle. Him & Amber “was suppose” to be happy in love, that’s how “motor” (Wiz Khalifa) & I formed a good relationship. I went along with it because I understand my position. I wanna say that’s why him & I got as close as we are today i even knew he had other chicks other than Amber & I. He’s a rapper that is what comes with his life I just understood that. I never asked him for money no trips not a designer bag nothing at all! Anything he has done for me was outta the kindness of his heart. Cell bill he paid maybe my rent here and there but that’s why he kept me around plus I have a daughter he knows I’m a hustler no matter what. So one night before Amber let the media know she was pregnant he call me to tell me! He doesn’t know this but I was hurt! I stayed around for a while but When Sebastian was born I kinda fell back. Let them enjoy their happiness that’s when I really started to feel like a side chick I hated the feeling! He would text & call less. Me being who I am I still played my part. Even when he got Married. Bash had to be 6 months when we got back together. I swear Cam really is the man! For him to have a wife son & be a famous rapper he always made time for me! I fell in love with a married man. I know how that sounds but he’s everything to me how Amber felt was how I felt.

Moving along, the day he called to tell me him and Amber were splitting, I wasn’t happy I was as shocked as everybody else. I thought they would last forever, plus one (me). I never asked why and he never told! Some things I wouldn’t ask about their relationship. What I did ask him was about us where did we stand? He told me so i wouldn’t look as if I was the reason for the divorce we have to stay low key until it all blows over. Mind you my lease was up in June he asked me to move to NYC so that we can see each other more often. I’m from Jacksonville FL he never comes there anyway so I did. I moved my daughter and I to nyc. I have no friends here don’t really kno ppl here but I did it anyway.

Last time I seen him was during his last tour on July 31st. He recently sent me tickets for this Big secret tour. Hint “Big Secret” being me since we on the low. He said he named it after me. I’ll be with him November 16th & 17th. As far as him and his mom that’s like my mom when I met her it was like having a mother. My mom & I don’t really get along. So I would talk to her about everything! She loves me like I’m her own. All rappers I believe have a chick like me ya kno.”

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This just shows how looks mean absolutely nothing… If a mans a scumbag, he’s gonna cheat anyway. Here are more pics:


From her (not updated in 2yrs) Tumblr


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  1. When Wiz and Amber first got together I always thought that Amber would be the one to do Wiz dirty he seemed so smitten with her. Silly me Wiz was always the cheating douchebag.

  2. True Elle Brooklyn looks shouldn’t be everything, they are a part of the situation, but they shouldn’t be the only part of the situation that matters. A person should have the personality to go along with the looks. PEACE!!!

    1. Say that!!! And THAT’S coming for a brotha… Women are the first one’s to get butt hurt when men make things about looks and we see in this situation WE ALL need to change that perception… She obviously looks good to Wiz. Don’t make it right but goes to show beauty is in the eye of anyone can see.

  3. The girl in these pictures looks like a child.
    I always found it interesting how people would brag on how happy Amber and Wiz were, they have the best marriage, Amber is so happy since she left Kanye, blah, blah. Now they’re getting a divorce and he has been allegedly cheating throughout the entire marriage.

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