Wiz Khalifa Challenges Amber Rose, Wants Joint Custody of His Son

Wiz KHalifa Amber rose

This is getting messier by the minute, now Wiz wants to file for Joint Custody of Baby Bash, Wiz just filed his response to Amber’s divorce petition … He’s asking for JOINT CUSTODY of Sebastian. In California it’s advantage Wiz because there’s a presumption joint custody is in the best interests of a child … and when a parent asks for sole custody it’s often a sign of vengeance.

Wiz also is agreeable on the prenup … like Amber, he wants it enforced. . Amber is the one who demanded a prenup and she’s getting a lump sum payment of $1 million. According to TMZ.com Wiz is also willing to pay Amber spousal support, because we now know the prenup provides that. Sources connected with Wiz and Amber tell us the agreement gives her upwards of $5K a month.

He did more than cheat on her… I want to know what the real deal behind this divorce is. The type of woman Amber is, she can handle cheating. He must have really done something super bad……

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  1. I say, if he wants to be in his son’s life, let him. Since there are many men who have children, & are not in the children’s life(through no fault of the mother’s, they jus’ choose not to be a part of their child/children’s lives). PEACE!!!

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