Why Kanye’s “30 Showers” Remark to Amber Rose Was a Disservice to Black Women

Were you guys just as shocked as I was when Kanye West stated he had to “take 30 showers before getting with Kim Kardashian post his split with Amber Rose, during his Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club interview last month?



If the answer is ‘yes,’ then we’re on the same page.

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Some of you may even be thinking, ‘how dare he make the statement considering the woman he’s now married to.’ And, well, you’d be correct again.

I’ve often refrained from pulling the race card or making a debate racial, mainly because I don’t believe every “racial issue” presented by the media is racially driven. Giuliana Rancic’s distasteful comments about Zendaya Coleman’s faux locks worn at this year’s Oscars is a perfect example of that. A very ignorant statement indeed, but, I do not believe Giuliana was fully aware of how the comment could have been misconstrued nor deemed offensive to the Black community—especially Black women or anyone with dreads for that matter. Again, I blame that on her ignorance. Let’s be honest, the late Joan Rivers made much more offensive statements while critiquing celebrity style on the Fashion Police. Unfortunately for Giuliana, however, unlike Rivers she is not a comedienne and didn’t get a pass. But, that’s another topic all together—back to Kanye.

To be clear, I also don’t believe Kanye’s statements were meant to be about race, but rather, a man defending his wife—even if that meant disrespecting another woman.

But here’s why Kanye’s statements were a disservice to Black women.

Kanye’s interview was actually pretty impressive in comparison to past interviews where he often went off in tangents when answering questions. His controversial statements lower some great points about the division of class, race, injustice, his deal and recent collaboration with Adidas, his love for music, making a new album, and no longer wanting to be the “angry Black man.”


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5 thoughts on “Why Kanye’s “30 Showers” Remark to Amber Rose Was a Disservice to Black Women

  1. I disagree with this article. I believe what Kanye said was some what of a direct quote from Kim herself. Kanye used that quote because it is probably what he remembers most about his transition from Amber to Kim. I can easily imagine Kim “slut shaming” Kanye for dating Amber.

  2. Amber looks white(light-skinned), but I think that her mother being Cape Verdean gives her a drop of black blood in her veins. When I read the head line, I thought that the author was jus’ “salty”, but after reading the whole article, I see how Kanye’s statement could be taken as a disservice to black women. PEACE!!!

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