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Who will be the 2013 NBA Champions?

Will the Miami Heat win the trophy at home tonight or will the San Antonio Spurs be bringing another title back home? No one truly knows the answer until after the final game in this long going 7 game series. However, lets just say that the San Antonio Spurs have a lot to prove and would be making history if they took the win tonight. The last time a team won game 7 of the finals on the road was in 1978 when the Washington Bullets beat the Seattle Supersonics in Seattle.

“I think we should be happy about that opportunity to try to make history,” said Spurs guard Tony Parker. “It’s a great challenge. We know we can beat them here. We just have to do it again. Game 6 was a tough loss for the Spurs. Therefore, team went out to dinner after the game. “It helped. It did,” said Duncan. “The other option is a bunch of us go back to our rooms and sit in our rooms and sit there by ourselves and beat yourself up. So it’s always good to be around teammates and kind of get some stuff out in the open. We did exactly that.”

The Miami Heat is amped up for game 7 after their amazing overtime win in game 6! Even Lebron said, “best game I’ve been apart of” and said “Ray has ice water in his veins”.  Ray Allen can be referred to now as “Mr.Clutch” after he sunk a 3-pointer  in regulation with seconds left which led the team to overtime. The Heat got the win in overtime 103-100. Ray said, ” It’s going to be a shot, I’m going to remember for a long time. There is a lot of shots I’ve made in my career but this shot will go high up in the ranks because of the situation.”
I wonder what the situation will be tonight? This is the moment both teams have been waiting for since they started their season. Tonight we will see who wants it the most, who will do whatever it takes to win, and who will be the 2013 NBA Champions. Will the Spurs take the trophy home or will the Heat repeat?  Game 7 will be at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida at 9:00 PM ET and will be aired on ABC.
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  • MrsGrapevine

    Obviously Chris Bosh is the winner…Dem faces…Gotta love him!

  • Gigi

    The heat should be lucky it’s a game 7 because they don’t deserve a championship they were outplayed by the Pacers and the Spurs but the dumb ass Spurs lost the damn game.

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Kia Soto

      I know spurs shouldve finished them off but we will see in a few hours

  • Venessa Thomas