Who Knew That Chrissy From Love & Hip Hop Use To Date Big Time Dope Dealer Alpo?

What the hell?? The tea I just found out today is that Chrissy use to date big time dope boy Alpo Martinez back in her hay days. Which Cameron played him in Paid in Full which is an all time hood classic.. Little Bio on him: Alberto “Alpo” Martinez; Alberto “Alpo” Martinez was a Puerto Rican Drug Lord who rose to power in the 1980’s alongside Richie Porter and Azie Faison. The majority of his trade was centralized around the North East in cities of New York City, Virginia Beach and Washington DC. On the night of January 4th, 1990 Martinez and an accomplice murdered Rich Porter. Porter was murdered because of drug money he supposedly owed Martinez. In the issue of F.E.D.S. magazine he explains how he killed his good friend: “My man Gary shot him twice, but Rich didn’t die so than i shot him. I know he felt something because i had to pry his hands off the door knob. Did I kill Rich yes, yes i did kill Rich but it wasnt personal it was business”. Martinez was facing a life sentence for 13 homicides including the murder of Rich Porter.

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Love them dope boys even though their future is not so bright… They say that back in the day Chrissy was about her money and so she messed with Alpo and Rich Porter.

Rich put Alpo on and in return he killed him, over hate, jealous and a woman”  and no not Chrissy.”

It is reported that Alpo also said that and in quote” “Yo, I’d still wife that. She had that ‘throw it back’…Shorty know how to throw it back. Real talk.” That is if she wasn’t dating Jim Jones…  Alpo has been locked up in the 90’s’ – he had a life sentence, but he cooperated with authorities and snitched on a DC dude (Wayne “Silk” Perry) in return for a lessor sentence of 35 years he goes up for parole in 2019.

In an interview with DonDiva:

DD: When did you meet Alpo?
WP: I met the rat Po in 89. I was out to destroy him over a lie a girl told me he said. I didn’t know him, he was scared to death, but he was with my close comrade, Lil Pop, who asked me not to kill Po.


DD: Why did you plead guilty to the murders?

WP: I didn’t cop out because of the death penalty. I live to die. I copped out to make sure others didn’t get life. I took the bull by the horns to save others. That’s the kind of man I am.

DD: After everything that went down, what are you feelings about Alpo?
WP: Make no mistake about it, Po is a spineless coward, a rat of the highest order. I will never understand how people praise and romanticize snitches, rats and sell-outs. I would die a thousand deaths before I ever compromised my principles as a
man. As I think back, I always knew Po was weak and capable of everything he displayed. I had my reasons for not putting him in the dirt. I should have put the barrel in his mouth!

DD: Do you have any advice for the younger generation?
WP: It’s important that they never take the field and play the game that has no ending and no winners. The game has been tainted by rats. Nowadays, you can’t trust guys in the game, especially the ones that seem to be winning because as soon as the heat comes down they’re selling out. Kingpins are telling on foot soldiers and etc.

DD: Is it true that you legally changed your name?
WP: Yeah, my name is Nkosi Shaka Zulu-El. I got rid of my slave name and took on the Zulu name because they are a strong Black blood line of our ancestors who are the most hated Blacks of all time. I’m also Muslim now and my fate lies in the hands of Allah, the Most High.

Although Silk is gone he will always be remembered as one of the few that lived by the code and stood for death before dishonor, no matter what the cost.

Inmate Info :  NKOSI SHAKA ZULU-EL  95884-004



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  • Jayson C Williams

    Alpo a snitch we all know that! Praised for his escapades in the drug culture. He’s the reason ny niggaz get bodied out of town. My bmore ppl tell me that’s the only reason they don’t like New Yorkers. We came out there with 2 dollar 5 dollar bag shit. Enterprisesd the deug game. Them bmore niggaz still hate that. They were selling 50’s and we just fucked their market up.. Everywhere else for that matter

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Kia Soto


  • http://www.facebook.com/bk.jones.92 B’Khari Jones

    mf getting all personal….like y’all know these mf personally #getafuckinlifepeople

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Kia Soto

      Lmao so true

  • Christopher Contreras

    Dawg whoever wrote this shit a fucknigga do your research before you write an article you saying shit from the paid in full perspective but what paid in full dosent tell you is that richie was lying to alpo over some petty ass shit it wasnt about the money it was cause rich was lying and they were supposed to be friend sso alpo said if he lied to me bout this who knows what else he would do , and also he is not serving a life sentance stupid you think he would have still got life after he told ?? dumb asses and also yall saying he snitched like he a bitchnigga and its not like that at all , he snitched because niggas already hate him for killing rich so he could careless if niggas hate him and plus he new that the nigga he was snitching on was trying to snitch on him so he did what he had to do.

  • Mylesmayhem78

    I think these comments are very intelligent and thought provoking.

  • Calidream

    The only reason chrissy is good an had money back I’m the day was because she robbed a big time drug dealer in Harlem an he knocked her teeth out that’s why she has fake teeth

  • Carmrdrg9

    Omfg people,so wat she messed wit Po who cares.I bet u if he she was wit him at the time of him snitching,she would no longer b messing wit him cause she’s a real nd true woman,nd too the haters who’s talking abt her mole,it is wat makes her beauty stand out…Haters never get anywhere.

  • 140 st.nick

    Alpo been lock since 91′ .he had a life sentence,but he snitch.for doing that.the feds give him 35 yrs.he go up for parole in 2019.he been down for 21 yrs now.he was a good dude.Money was his mission in life.nothing else.don’t judge until you live that kingpin life.East Harlam 145.

    • Christopher Contreras

      thnkyou atleast somone recognizeing this hoe tripping , , read my comment

      • tina davis

        He did snitch he snitched on wayne perry —–murder trumps drugs anyday so wayne would’ve never snitched cuz he is a real nigga

    • gogetaids

      He was a good dude? Are you fucking stupid? You and that fuckin pussu can both rest in piss nigga

      • Naim

        all you people calling him A snitch would snitch too if the feds told you we going to lock your mom up for accepting money and also knowing he was A drug dealer!
        they was going to give alpo moms 20 years if he didn’t snitch

  • Demetria Tatum

    crissy I know I would wife dat

  • Shamahtaft81

    Teamchrissy allday! ReAL Bitchez do Real things PERIOD! SO WAT SHE FUCKED WIT PO,BIGGAVEIL AKA MAX B,NOW WIT JIMMY obviously she about her bread or her man at the time so wat ppl leave her alone….Ps FUCK THAT RAT ASS NIGGA PO HE BETTER BE COUNTING HIS DAYZ BECAUSE THEIR NUMBERED…RATS NEVER GET LOVE ROUND MY Way…

  • Tausha Benedict

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    • Mtaylorpsalm91

      Jealous much ?

    • Carmrdrg9

      No she’s not thinking abt his snitching ass,she’s good wit Jimmy.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HCZ7CNENGGAQHL2S4UJQKLTFOM Chrissy My Baby ^_^

    LMAO !! this nigga said , she had that throw it back …. shit , ion blame him & any other nigga that messed with her , Chrissy fine thenna bitch . I would wife her ass too , & she could throw it back on me all day !

  • Dmp2003

    So what. You guys always tryin to start some shyt.

  • Jean

    I like Chrissy, would rather have a friend like her any day..Atleast you know what you’ll get, no fake shyt.HATIN IS NOT BECOMING…THE BYTCH IS BAS!

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  • KINA801

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  • Dhuzzy

    Everyone is opinionated about her past. Like what gives. Jealousy is something else. She was about her money.  I love Chrissy.  Now I know where her since of loyalty comes from. Young fool ass chicks, can’t relate and  don’t know where she is coming from. 

  • Venessa1941

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