What Does Tyler Perry and T.D Jakes Have in Common ?

tyler perry

What does T.D Jakes and Tyler Perry both have in common, lets see:

  1. Both men have had movie roles, and partners with film companies.
  2. They both are famous
  3. These two men are considered “influential” in the black communities, they both claim to enlighten, empower and entertain.
  4. Most of their money and fame came and comes from their black supporters,
  5. And allegedly both men “Request No Black Drivers” 




TattleTailzz Exclusive:

Yes allegedly  no black drivers, maybe that rule only applies when they are in ATLANTA.  Maybe both have had issues with black drivers, maybe they want to “feel superior ” if they have a white driver?

Why not request the best driver, or a professional driver,  any professional driver would know not to repeat anything they see, or hear no matter what color but to request “No black drivers” I am a bit confused considering blacks help build their empires.


4 thoughts on “What Does Tyler Perry and T.D Jakes Have in Common ?

  1. They want the white Yakubs to be their yes men……..LOL!! After all, their time is UP!! We are now the majority soooo sorry white people, (clean my house) AFTER you drop me off at my destination!! rotf…I’m serious though

  2. maybe they dont want a black person serving them in that way cuz i no i still feel a il bit uneasy when i see a white man with a black driver it just dont seem right

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