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Wendy Williams Claims That Karreuche Looks Better Than Rihanna


Cute is for kids and Karreuche can have that, Rihanna is sexier and prettier than Karreuche. Wendy Williams stay trying to pin people against each other. I’m pretty sure Rihanna is not thinking about either of them, because she hasn’t made one reference to him or sending subliminal shots via Twitter or Instagram.

Wendy rarely has anything great to say about Rihanna so I don’t find her opinion surprising. Karruche is a cute girl but she looks like a typical mixed/blasian girl to me.I think as usual…people go for anything mixed and call them cute, but she’s not it. Compare to others with similar mixes to her…Jhene, amerie, Tae, Cassie…Karrueche is the least attractive by far.. Wendy need to sit her behind down down! Sound off below!


Check her video below:

Only basic women would pick Kitkat over Rihanna. Rihanna is a unique and flawless.


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  • Coffy Brown

    Never in a million years!!!!! Ever

  • Noneya

    Whoa, tell us why you are mad again? lmao. But she is right tho. Kae is a natural beauty and don’t need a team to make her look top notch. Rihanna is gorgeous when done up though so you can conclude who is actually beautiful.

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Elle Brooklyn

      You have a point but I think Rih is cute with or without make up

    • http://www.thegossipwrapup.com/ Nicola Gossips

      I think Rihanna is beautiful without makeup. Plus, I think she gets bonus points for having a damn job and not living off of a man!!

  • please

    lol , with out make up and clothing… riri is average. karrueche is pretty with r without. wendy is 100 right !!!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Karrueche is a pretty girl, but in my opinion, Rihanna’s got her beat all the way down!!! without question…..

  • Nic

    LMAO at Patron Saint! I think “unique” is beautiful so with that said.. Rih has much more of a unique look to me. KitKat is just a cute mixed girl. None of her features really stand out to me. Rih is def prettier.

  • mb

    @Elle – You’re right, Wendy likes to pin people against each other. I loathe Wendy Williams!! She is a ruthless gossip starter and does nothing but drag people on a daily basis. Of course Rihanna’s fan base is probably livid and I don’t blame them. Karreuche has nothing on Rihanna!!

    • KiaSoto

      finally all three of us agree on same thing! and Wendy forgets about her weird ass man

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Elle Brooklyn

      Yes @ MB like how could she compare the two ? There is no comparison… She annoys me sometimes..

  • http://TractHerTrailHer.com/ Meiqua

    Wendy needs to have a seat!

  • Gigi

    Wendy get real. Karrueche ain’t even in the same league as Rihanna.

    • KiaSoto

      exactly no where close!!

  • KiaSoto

    Wendy is a hot ass mess