We Made It: Kanye and Kim Grace the Cover of Vogue Magazine

kim kardashian vogue

After months of whining and complaining Kanye finally came through and got his boo the cover of Vogue, along with himself… I must say they look fabulous! You remember at one point he was very angry at Anna Wintour for not wanting his beloved on Vogue.. I guess Anna had a change of heart!.. They are both covering the April 2014 issue…


I actually love it! The picture was photographed by the legendary Annie Leibovitz..I guess the only way Kim could get a cover is if  Kanye was with her.?  I wonder how the reaction from Vogue subscribers will be….?   I know Kris is somewhere grinning like the Grinch if her face is allowing it today…..But in the end Kim got the last laugh and I am not even a Kim K fan. This is the first time ever for a rapper to cover Vogue, a reality star and an interracial couple to cover Vogue!


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made the cover, but it looks like baby North West stole the show! She is so adorable!! We are so proud of Kim and her determination to make her dreams happen!!! major moves major money and major brand power!







13 thoughts on “We Made It: Kanye and Kim Grace the Cover of Vogue Magazine

  1. I love the Kim K and the Klan.. Kris make all their dreams come true… I think she looks fab… and the baby is adorable!!!!! <3 <3 <3 It!!! Ray J somewhere crying because his attempt to bring her down ( I hit it first) did nothing!! #idreamBIG #SheDidThat

  2. Kim got the cover than so be it but I am more anxious to see if this is the start of Vogue being more open with who they select for the cover. If this opens the door for more minorities and more deserving people to get covers I have no problem with this but if not than I have a problem with this. Anna Wintour better be careful because she could lose some credibility. After this I am damn sure expecting Victoria Beckham to get a cover in the near future.

  3. I LOVE IT!!! I know the haters are livid. Y’all better stop believing everything tabloids print. The tabloids kept telling you it wasn’t going to happen and it did happen.

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