Watch: Tyler Perry Donates $1 Million Dollars and Fills T.D. Jakes With The Holy Ghost!

tyler perry


False prophesying at it’s finest, this past weekend Mega Fest was in Dallas and T.D. Jakes brought out all the celebrities. Tyler Perry decided to take the stage and lay hands on Mr. Jakes showing that he has the power of god on his side.  Everyone was screaming, I see Tyler wants to be a preacher…And for a million dollars you too can preach, lay hands, and make big time preachers go into convulsions. LOL check it out after the flip.

Tyler needs to go lay those “hands” on T.D Jake’s son who was arrested for masturbating in a park! But I don’t know,  initially I got a little uncomfortable when Tyler Perry started saying “I’ve been a giver all of my life,” and “I know what it is to have people sown into me” lol. However, now after closer reflection I think he was talking about something else lol.