Watch Now: NFL Player Kerry Rhodes in Bed with A Man

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The hate is real, this video had to come from someone close to Kerry Rhodes or his camp. In the video you will see Rhodes and Hollywood spending time together in bed and day to day interaction. Rhodes spoke highly of Hollywood – he gave him a job even though Hollywood has “betrayed” Rhodes by allegedly leaking information that Rhodes is indeed a “gay” black man and claims he is in a relationship with Kerry Rhodes. However, Kerry still claims he is a straight black man…..We know this tea is luke warm but sip up.


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  • Venessa Thomas

    I can tell he’s gay!! smh

  • Justme

    Did you ever think he’s bisexual. Just because a man is attracted to another man doesn’t mean he can’t possibly be attracted to a woman. Sexuality is not black and white, it’s complex. Another thing, I’m sick of hearing women blame the hiv transmission solely on men who are private about their sexuality. Straight men go out, cheat with other woman and can contract HIV just the same. You will never know what it is to be black and gay in this country unless you live as a Black gay male or female. Stop assuming its just that easy. This world persecutes you for who you are, making it extremely hard to love yourself. It’s not easy to love and accept yourself in a society where you are the object of derision. So let people be honest with themselves when they are ready to. Kerry Rhdes sexuality has no bearing on our lives!

  • Justme


  • Shun

    As women we All should care…i am not against gay relationships males or females but i do have a issue with DL black men in the black community infecting & faking women about their lifestyle choices. Its becomes an issue for the community as a whole effecting the lives of innocent women n children. an as a result they get the backlash of being exposed n ridiculed for their lifestyle actions……it sickens me that ppl will put others at risk for their own selfish life choices.

  • Meiqua


  • Coffy Brown

    who cares. Kerry is a great athlete! Who and when he fucks is no ones business! If the dude is gay then let him be gay! If he doesnt want to come out, No one should be outting him! thats why the world is sofucked up! If everyone cleaned in front of their own steps, the world be clean! But everyone is too worried about other folks business!!! I wish they would Leave Kerry Alone!

    • KiaSoto

      i agree

  • mb

    Why do this? Why do we live in time where people want to expose or put people on blast? You really see this in the black community! If blogs and gossip weren’t big business, people would not go to the extreme!

  • DivaWhispers

    thats a shame..he should come out when he’s ready but at the same time don’t be sleeping with women when u know u gay

  • Twana Tells

    Yeah he need to come out the closet smh!

  • Nicola Gossips

    Really, people are evil. Did they have to sell him out like that. If he commits suicide, what are all these people going to say. For all we know his parents hate gay people. It’s none of our business, let him live his life and find the courage to come out on his own time.