Walmart Ends Relationship With Paula Deen

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Well we know who is not having the best week ever. After all the hoopla with her being outed because of saying the N word and being axed by other companies… Her major bread winner Walmart cut ties with her today.The world’s largest retailer said it will not place “any new orders beyond what’s already committed.” The history of her and her brother’s work practices, are sad and pathetic., but you see the media does not really make mention that the person who was complaining was white…not black.


The company says it will work with suppliers on existing inventories.

Walmart started carrying Paula Deen-branded products at all of its U.S. namesake stores since 2011.

The latest development follows the announcement on Friday from Food Network that it was dropping her food shows. Smithfield Foods announced on Monday it was dropping her as a spokeswoman as well.When a company that doesn’t believe in paying workers a sensible wage breaks up with you, your world has ended.


  • Venessa Thomas

    I went into a Walgreens today with a friend and discovered that they too pilled her stuff and has ended their relationship with her too!!