Wale’s Assistant Shades Tiara Thomas on Twitter


As we all know Wale and Tiara Thomas have their hit single BAD that is playing on Radio and when Wale was interviewing with Power 105 he stated how she signed with Rico Love. Apparently that was a low blow for wale and he has been butt hurt ever since. I guess since he has to play the politically correct rapper his assistant aired her behind out via twitter.



Wale said this (not sure if it’s a subtweet but that’s all I could find on his timeline that seemed to be addressing it)


Then Tiara respomds


Wale is always in some drama regarding a female.

What a messy ASSistant! Something about Wale rubs me the wrong way. He just appears to be filled with a ton of bitchassness… Tiara obviously felt like the deal that was given to her by Interscope was better. If he’s still hurt by that, then he needs to go see a therapist. He knows the music business is filled with a ton of shady people.

  • Miak

    Rici is a bully and very ignorant. She worships folks like Gucci Mane. Being associated with her says something about Wale’s true character!

  • Venessa Thomas

    People can be trifling azz hell on social networks

  • MrsGrapevine

    Rici didn’t hold back her words. Wow! Judging form this rant, maybe I see why Wale was not a good fit for Tiara. But she could have been honest about her intentions.

  • Gigi

    Was it disloyal for Tiara to sign with someone else other than Wale who put her on? Yes but he is the dumb ass that never made her sign a contract. Before they even made that song or even while making that song he should have put papers on her. He can’t get mad that he didn’t handle his business. This is what separates these dumb ass rappers from true bosses like Jay. SMH

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    • MrsGrapevine