Waka Flocka Says He Would Never Sleep With Oprah Winfrey!



First of all, Oprah doesn’t even know who he is, let alone would have him taste or smell her. The sheer and utter ignorance of people today is mind blowing. A cell phone video was shot of Waka  in Chicago talking reckless about Oprah.

According to Radaronline.com

On the tape, the obscene rapper — along with members of his entourage – make a series of swipes at Winfrey.

“She’s got a million dollar p*ssy,” one individual said in the 22-second clip. Waka — aka Juaquin Malphurs – then responded with the offensive low blow:

“I won’t f**k that ugly b*tch!”

But a pal of Waka’s appeared to feel differently, suggesting: “I’ll f**k the sh*t outta Oprah! I’ll get her pregnant!”

“Waka and some of his crew members were having a random conversation about what celebrities they would like to have sex with and Oprah came up,”



Waka Flocka is probably “THE” most unintelligent rapper I have ever seen, if Waka Flocka refuses to have sex with you that is a BLESSING from the Almighty god!! But, Oh dear, what will poor Oprah do with herself after this revelation…

Continue to be richer than his bum a$$, that’s what.. Peon, this is the same guy who said he would major in geometry if he went to college… Just stupid!

5 thoughts on “Waka Flocka Says He Would Never Sleep With Oprah Winfrey!

  1. Firstly let’s get it right.. It’s billion dolla pu$$y!!! and Oprah radar so luxurious – it dont even pick up niggas out her tax bracket – That was mad disrespectful! IJS

  2. First Kanye going after the Obamas now Waka going in on Oprah. The levels of ignorance & stupididty w/rappers never ceases to amaze me. Deb come get your son!

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