Vogue Shares Wedding Tips For Kim Kardashian and Kanye

KIM KARDASHIAN ENGAGEMENT RING KANYE TATTLETAILZZVogue shares five wedding tips for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West! There is no set wedding day yet but Vogue shares some helpful tips for the couple. I know Kim and Kanye are both excited for the upcoming wedding date! 

  1. Marry Like a Rock Star–When you decide to marry a musician, all tradition goes out the window—especially with someone as unconventional as Kanye West-
  2. Go Givenchy
    Riccardo Tisci will most likely make Kim’s gown—he created her dress for the Met Gala, and Kim was spotted wearing his designs all over Paris Fashion Week this fall, including to his spring show.
  3. Know Your Strengths show off the best features of your curvy body.
  4. Make the Third Time a Charm- While this will be Kanye’s first walk down the aisle, we’re all aware that Kim has done this twice before. make it the most memorable

    Keep It in the (Kardashian) Family- If you’re at all familiar with the Kardashian clan, you know this is a family that does everything together. To make sure everyone gets an equal role in the wedding festivities—including and especially baby North!







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  1. Those are some great tips – That wedding is gonna be so packed and i know its gonna be gorgeous!

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