Guide from Examsnap: Brief Overview of VMware Certifications

Guide from Examsnap: Brief Overview of VMware Certifications
For the professionals looking to take up job roles in data centers and virtualization environments,the VMware credentials are the best way to go forward. These certificates are focused on the proprietary technology of VMware, among which is vSphere.

Generally, there are six different categories of the VMware certifications. These are Cloud Management & Automation; Desktop & Mobility; Data Center Virtualization; Digital Workspace; Digital Business Transformation; and Network Virtualization. Each of these categories offers different levels of credentials, which include VCA (VMware Certified Associate); VCP (VMware Certified Professional); VCAP (VMware Certified Advanced Professional); and VCDX (VMware Certified Design Expert).

For the associate credential, the candidate passes one exam while the professional and advanced professional certifications require a prerequisite certificate or taking a training course. It is important to mention that some of the certifications need that the students take two tests. For all these exams, you can find helpful resources and preparation materials at the
website. They guarantee a success at your first attempt if you put enough effort.

The VCDX credential requires more time and efforts. The candidates have to achieve multiple certificates. In addition to this, they will be asked to develop a production ready VMware solution, as well as defend it in the presence of certified panel. For your professional and higher certs, you will need to recertify every 2 years in order to maintain your certification status.
Let us look at each category of the VMware credentials in detail.

• VMware CMA (Cloud Management & Automation)
The VMware CMA certificates validate the skills and knowledge of a candidate functioning with vCloud Suite. This includes vRealize and other basic and advanced knowledge of Cloud computing. There are currently three VCP-CMA certifications. The VCP7-CMA (VMware Certified Professional 7 – Cloud Management Automation) is perfect for the individuals with experience in vRealize Automation implementations. A person should attend the course, pass one of the Foundations exams and the VCP7-CMA test. In general, the students with no experience in vRealize and with no VCP-CMA credential must first go through a compulsory training course or pass the vSphere 6.5 or vSphere 6 Foundational exam before writing the VCP7-Cloud Management and Automation test.

There are three different VCAP credentials under the Cloud Management & Automation path. There are specific exams for each of them.To be more informed browse the official website. Remember that Examsnap has the study tools to equip you to pass any of these certification tests on your first try.

• VMware DCV (Data Center Virtualization)
The certifications under this category cover vSphere 6 and vSphere 6.5 skills. The VCP6-DCV (VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization) and VCP6.5-DCV(VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization) are very popular among IT professionals. These credentials are designed for the individuals with a six-month experience working with VMware infrastructure technologies. The professionals with VCP-DCV are equipped with the skills to install, manage, and implement a VMware vSphere environment.

There are three different advanced professional credentials under the Data Center Virtualization path. Each of these certificates has their own prerequisites and required exams to be passed. You can find the details of the tests on the certification webpage. For your prep tools, Examsnap is just a click away, and you can be assured of amazing resources that guarantee your exam success.

• VMware DTM (Desktop & Mobility)
The credentials in this category are aimed at those professionals who manage and deploy the VMware Horizon using View environments. The VCP7-DTM certification (VMware Certified Professional 7 – Desktop& Mobility) is designed for the individuals with not less than six months of experience working with Horizon 7 with View and vSphere. There are also three other advanced professional certificates under the Desktop & Mobility path. It is important to mention that the highest credentials under thispathway are VCDX-DTM (VMware Certified Design Expert Desktop & Mobility) and VCDX-DTM 2019. Details of prerequisites and exams can be found on the certification webpage.

• VMware NV (Network Virtualization)
This credential path is forthe professionals with job roles related to designing, implementing, and managing VMware NSX environments. The applicants pursuing the VCP6-NVcertification must have at least a six-month working experience in installing, administering, and configuring NSX implementations. To earn the credential, you have to participate in the training course and pass two exams. There is just one advanced certification under the Network Virtualization path and this is VCAP6-NV Deployment. Read about it on the VMware webpage.

• VMware DW (Digital Workspace)
VMware DW is designed for the specialists with skills in configuring, optimizing, managing, maintain, deploying, and troubleshooting Workspace ONE solutions. The candidates pursuing the credentials must also have experience in Digital Workspace. To earn VCP-DW 2019, you must attend one of the courses and then pass one of the Professional Digital Workspace tests.

• VMware DBT (Digital Business Transformation)
There is only one credential under this certification path. This is VCA Digital Business Transformation. This associate-level certificate is aimed at the architects and executives with knowledge of technologies that are associated with Cross Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundation solutions. These include vSphere, vRealize, vSAN, and NSX. To earn this credential, it is recommended that you go through the training. However, it is not mandatory. Besides, the VCA-DBT exam must be passed.

The certification path of VMware is wide, which means you can always find something that fits into your career goals. Since the technologies are developing in the modern world, VMware updates its certificates. You can go through the official website to learn more about these credentials and what you need to do to earn them. For your exam preparation, Examsnap offers the relevant and up-to-date resources that will make the process seamless.Find practice tests, courses, and books all in one place. Thus, choose the right pathway and put effort to succeed.