BREAKING NEWS: Vixen Model Michelle “Dat Body” Phillips Dies


Michelle “Dat Body” Phillips died while giving birth. No word as to what actually happened during the labor process, but the infant survived.

UPDATE: Sources say Ms. Phillips couldn’t breathe after the labor was over. She was having a at home delivery with a midwife, and was sent to the hospital after she began having hard contractions. The father of the baby passed away a few months ago.

This child will learn this world with neither parent. So Sad!

Mother’s… PLEASE re-think giving birth at home with a Midwife. Although being in the comfort of your home may seem enjoyable, Midwives are NOT doctors. In an emergency situation such as this the end result can be fatal and/or deadly. Being in the care of a Doctor will guarantee Greater results of a Healthy Mother and baby.


Michele ‘Dat Body’ Phillips is a model/actress/singer/writer from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Ms. Phillips has been modeling for the past year and also has experience in other genres of entertainment.

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Our condolences Goes out to her Family!!


    idiotic comment about midwives ….
    hospitals kill more people than all accidents & illnesses combined …
    she would have died sooner in the hospital …
    very sad …..

  • Babybratt4006

    I would go with a midwife any day over a doctor and a hospital. I had an uncomplicated, natural birth in a hospital and the doctor kept trying to push procedures on me – epidural, internal monitor, I couldn’t get up to go to the bathroom, it was ridiculous.  I was looked at as a money machine and when I wouldn’t allow them to do any of these unnecessary procedures, I didn’t see the doctor in charge again.  Not saying all doctors are like this, it was just my experience.   Definitely think the bashing of midwives because of this one event is completely out of order and unnecessary.  Has there been any proof that if she had been in the hospital she could have been saved?

  • MyHomebirthExperience

    This is very sad. HOWEVER instructing people to not work with midwives as “they are not doctors” is not cool. I am a mother of 2, had both of them outside of hospitals with my midwife. The second in a birthing pool in my living room floor. I don’t regret it. Since my youngest I have had three miscarriages and my last was in late August and I was almost in my second trimester. Hubby and I had planned to work with my midwife again and have this one at home as well. I wanted to see if there were any underlying issues though given the fact that I had these recent miscarriages and I went to a fee doctors and had an echo done and low and behold, holes were found in my heart which I had since birth. I just got my heart repaired a month ago and hubby and I plan to have more kids in the future God willing. With that, what I learned is that had I had this last baby or the others with the holes being bigger than when I had my first two kids (and my heart was enlarged and I had higher pressure in my lungs as well) that a woman will experience heart failure just after childbirth because the heart is trying to catch up with the lungs sudden drop in pressure. The fact that she had trouble breathing just after labor or late in it says this to me. I am not a doctor however I have had two births with my midwife successfully a few miscarriages and having my heart repaired which put me onto what happens to women with these holes in their heart unprepaired and then they have kids. If this is the case this has little to do with using a midwife. And yes a woman a man anyone can live with holes in there heart but eventually they will new to be fixed especially if they are large. That is the question I have for her because I lived more than 31 years with mine and when you get pregnant you go from having 1 liter of blood to 5 circulating in your body. Again this is why it sounds like to me with the troubled breathing. Midwife care in my experience was the best and I had no unecessary medications or c- sections which are more times then none, unecessary.

    Professional dancer and scholar, wife and mom of two who used a midwife, congenital heart disease advocate, and doula in training

  • Milania

    Your wrong about having a midwife. Anything can happen in the hospital too.

  • Rhonda Miller

    YES sad indeed.

  • MrsC


  • MrsC

    She started to hemmorage….That is how she passed away!

  • Praying for the Family

    In the future, please do your due diligence prior to running a story where the facts are unclear. Miss Phillips did not die while under a midwife’s care nor was she attempting a homebirth. It is true that she received prenatal care from midwives. However, she decided due to her own personal reasons, to go to the hospital to deliver her baby once she went into “real” labor. It was in the hospital, under the care of a board certified obstetrician that she gave birth and died shortly after due to hemorrhaging. What caused her to hemorrhage has not been confirmed. It may be due to any number of reasons, including mismanagement by the hospital attendants. It’s not fair to blame anyone unless you have all the facts. My heart goes out to her children and her family.

    • Saebajan

      Well said

    • anion

      Not true, and her own Twitter account shows this isn’t true.

  • Lyne_simon

    Do you know how many women die in the hospital after giving birth per year right here in the USA????? Please know your facts before you start making comments about Midwives! The Midwife transferred care just like she thought she should have and unfortunately the beautiful young lady lost her life, none of us know when its time to go and it could have happened anywhere, and it happened at the Hospital, so please no more bashing Midwives.

    A Loving Certified Educated Midwife

    • Miko

      “Do you know how many women die in the hospital”
      *Forehead slap*
      More women die in the hospital because more women give birth there. What is important is the *rate* of maternal death, and it is far lower for planned hospital birth matched for comparable risk factors.
      Secondly, your opinion as a “Certified Educated Midwife” (CEM) is worthless.  A real midwife is known as a CNM (Certified Nursing Midwife) and has a college degree plus  masters.  Most homebirth midwives however are not CNMS’s but CEMs, a nonsense qualification requiring only a short course of self monitored study, and includes subjects like aromatherapy and story writing.  Basically they’re well meaning idiots.

      • Praying for the Family

        And as for maternal mortality, it is true that hospitals have higher numbers of births than a homebirth midwife or birth centers. However, the research (which you can google the controlled studies) make adjustments that compare the safety of hospital births with out-of-hospital births and the findings are that it is as safe for low-risk women to give birth in either setting. In some cases, out-of-hospital birth is safer. As for midwifery training, CNM’s have two years of nursing school and one year of midwifery training. In comparison, CPM’s are trained for at least three years or more in nothing but normal birth. Women should have the choice if they have a low risk pregnancy. Educate yourself

        • Miko

          I am very familiar with these studies, and there is only 1 (ONE!) from Canada that shows homebirth to be as safe as hospital birth. More importantly, homebirth is Canada is done with CNM’s only (not the garbage CPM qualification), and has very strict protocols for risk management and hospital transfer, protocols not observed by most American homebirth midwives.

          CPM’s are not trained for three years as you stated.  They do a short course of study and then apprentice under an existing midwife, which is like the blind leading the blind.
          Nursing school is three years of hard study (not two as you stated) .
          The idea that training in “nothing but normal birth” is acceptable for a midwife is ridiculous – how will you recognise and diagnose complications if you’ve only ever studied “normal birth”?

          • Praying for the Family

            This is a passionate subject on all “sides” where a lot of misinformation exists. And honestly, one that extends far beyond this setting. However, there is more than one study showing the safety of out of hospital births attended by trained LMs (licensed midwives) and/or CPMs (see The Netherlands or Germany. Again, a simple google search will return links where they can be read. CNMs, LMs and CPMs are all regulated by states. It is true CNM credential is recognized by all 50 states and CPM/LM recognized in 20+ states.

            I agree the CPM has different ways to receive training which includes the traditional apprenticeship model along with three yeat programs. Regardless of training method, to get the credential the midwife must take an exam and be evaluated by a team of midwives that includes CNMs as well as LMs and CPMs.

            Contrary to what you may be aware of, CPMs who graduate from three year degree programs are trained in managing complications that may arise in “normal” birth incl. postpartum hemorrhage. The State of Florida has some of the strictest regulations of midwifery care whether its CNMs or LMs…I could go on but, the fact remains…

            That even with all this regulation and technology there are 25+ other countries incl Cuba where its safer to give birth than the US (check the CIA Factbook).

            And more importantly to her loved ones, THIS beautiful & vibrant young mother lost her life shortly after giving birth in a hospital with specialized doctors present at her birth. Why? Unfortunately, we may never know. But we should all be concerned that its six times more likely to be an African-American woman, who by and large birth in hospitals with OBs. There has to be a better way…

            • Captain Obvious

              The Netherlands has not been a great reference for safe homebirths. Yes, the Netherlands have been a country that homebirth advocates have referred to in order to prove their point. But you show your ignorance to current affairs as the homebirth rate there is dropping fast.
                  16. Evers AC, Brouwers HA, Hukkelhoven CW, Nikkels PG, Boon J, van Egmond-Linden A, et al.. Perinatal mortality and severe morbidity in low and high risk term pregnancies in the Netherlands: prospective cohort study. BMJ 2010;341:c5639.
              Infants of pregnant women at low risk whose labour started in primary care under the supervision of a midwife in the Netherlands had a higher risk of delivery related perinatal death and the same risk of admission to the NICU compared with infants of pregnant women at high risk whose labour started in secondary care under the supervision of an obstetrician. An important limitation of the study is that aggregated data of a large birth registry database were used and adjustment for confounders and clustering was not possible. However, the findings are unexpected and the obstetric care system of the Netherlands needs further evaluation.
              No other country uses CPMs! Canada used to, but have since abolished it. UK and the Netherlands don’t accept the CPM credential. Any study showing homebirth may be safe were done with low risk patients and CNM. CPM are not uncommon to take on “variations of normal” aka high risk patients like breech, twins, VBAC, and first time moms at homebirth. You cannot compare apples (CNM with low risk patient studies) and oranges (CPM with high risk patients). It was only this year that the CPM designation required a high school degree! last year a high school drop out could have delivered your baby>  

        • Naima

          Ok, please cite your source for you claim that out of hospital birth is safer in some case. I’d love to review the data you are referring to. Also, you are wrong about CMN. CNM is a graduate degree. It requires a 4 year degree in nursing a BSN and then at least two more years in a highly competive Nurse Midwifery program. It is a nationally recognized degree. CPMs on the other had are regulated by states and have no set national standards.

          • Praying for the Family

            Google “studies of safety of out of hospital birth.”

            • Captain Obvious

              Google? are you educated enough to interpret those studies? to read through the biasedness of those studies? Johnson and Daviess compared homebirth with decades old hospital birth. He is associated with MANA and she is a homebirth midwife.

        • Captain Obvious

          Again, it was only this year when a high school degree become criteria for a CPM credential.

      • Saebajan

        Please look at the bigger picture regardless of what she’s gone……when its your time to go its your time to go….may God bless her soul Amen

    • Captain Obvious

      CEM?? I have heard of CNM, CPM, LM, CM, but never a CEM? Since only less than 1% of women attempt a home birth, i would expect more babies and moms to die while attempting birth in the hospital. I am interested in the rate of perinatal loss and maternal loss at home compared to hospital. I agree, not all the facts are given to the press regarding this tragedy, but did she start out as a planned homebirth? Curious?

  • Solow34946

    Sad af yo. Both parents???? This done messed up my day

  • Pelè… ♥

    So sad!


  • Mzchifab



    Wow, that’s just crazy!