Video: Chris Tucker Confirms He Is Working On The New Movie Friday


Chris Tucker has just answered everyone’s prayer’s, back in 2011 it was announced that a new Friday movie would be in production and Chris Tucker would be apart of the cast and revise his role as Smokey. That eventually fell on deaf ears and he even denied being apart of anything, but now he is singing a new tune. In a recent interview with Sway, he did confirm that he is working with Ice Cube to come up with a concept for the movie Friday.

Sway asked if he will be apart of the New Friday movie:

“I’m actually trying to help [the studio] come up with some ideas and be apart of the producing process with Cube to see if we can come up with something, so that might happen.”


“If I do a movie like Friday again it has to evolve. I evolved from Smokey when I was that age when I did that movie, from when I did Fifth Element or even the first Rush Hour. So, every character I look at now I’m like can I play it because where I am right now, because I pull a lot from real life. I put a lot of myself in the characters.”

I guess after seeing Ride Along almost reach that $100 Million mark (if it hasn’t already), I bet he is all ears to come up with a concept for the new Friday movie…

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  • Coffy Brown

    The Last Friday will be nothing like Friday – chris no longer has the essence of the person thast was in the first one – we can only hope that things will work out and his part to the film will be more just as filling as it has been desired – I thik they can make it work – Excited to see what happens here!

  • Venessa Thomas

    He’s not funny at all anymore, but that fucking movie better be

  • mb

    Has anyone heard Chris Tucker lately? Chris is on the Tom Joyner Morning Show like once a month and he is not funny anymore.

  • Candy_D_Lite

    Who u think u fooling Chris, U NEED THAT MONEY. I heard him clearly said on (3) interviews HE WAS NOT DOING ANOTHER FRIDAY MOVIE, now he hit wit that tax bill now he UP FOR IT. WTF u think u fooling that y u did BET AWARDS

    • Elle Brooklyn