Usher Secretly Married To Longtime Girlfriend Grace Miguel ?


It appears that Usher may have already jump the broom with longtime girlfriend Grace Miguel, the two has been together since 2009 and he has been hinting on wanting to get married again. He also stated that if he did indeed get married, he wants Tameka to drop his last name… That would be a great present to him he stated.

According to Centric all signs point to yes.

Recently Grace has been spotted wearing a ring on her wedding finger and her children have been openly referring to Usher as their step-dad on social media.


If true congratulations….


One thought on “Usher Secretly Married To Longtime Girlfriend Grace Miguel ?

  1. I heard that he might WANT to get married again, but if he already IS married, I feel that he moved to fast, & should have taken more time, jus’ my opinion, also, CONGRATS, if he is already married. PEACE!!!

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