Tyler Perry’s ‘Single Mom’s Club’ Bombs’ at Box Office

tyler perry


Tyler’s Perry new movie Single Mom’s club came up short at the box office this weekend, pulling the lowest numbers since Tyler Perry made his debut.

Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club starring Tyler Perry and Nia Long earned just $8.3 million over the weekend, the first ever Tyler Perry Movie to earn under $10 million in its first week.

Tyler Perry recently¬†ended his relationship¬†with Lionsgate studios and moved his operations to Atlanta.. Or maybe people are just tired of Tyler and the hype that he brings… I think it’s time for Tyler to revamp and come with something new. People are tired of actually seeing the same drawn out stories about black people and etc….




  • Venessa Thomas

    Come on Tyler, don’t loose your touch!!! we’re counting on ya!!

  • Coffy Brown

    It is drf time for Tyler to try something new, hit new depths.. the strorylines are beginng to get a bit lame… tyler is to his moves as diddy is ti his artistd video.. its ok tomproduce and direct and not be in the feature.. I’m just sayin

  • Yazmar

    Folks is tired of his same ol story lines. AND no matter how many times Tyler plays the love interest of a “female” we know better in real life…

  • cottenkandi

    Tyler should stop trying play the love interest for one of his leading ladies. I only picture him as Madea. Madea dating Nia? No.

  • http://Gigionthat.com/ GigiOnThat

    When I seen this this morning, I was like I knew it I knew it