Tyler Perry Says He’s Ready For Kids

tyler perry

Tyler sits down with Steve Harvey to talk about his life, success and being ready to have kids. I’m sorry, but Tyler it’s apparent that you love peen so……But for $5 million dollarsĀ I’ll carry him and his man’s baby…Throw in an extra million, they will never hear from me again! This takes me back to that Ebony interview where he stated that him and his “GIRLFRIEND” had a pregnancy scare! LOL…I love Tyler and where he has come from…. It’s ok…. .Peep the interview inside…

  • Venessa Thomas

    Ok…so some baby Madeas???

  • http://www.thegossipwrapup.com/ Nicola Gossips

    Girl, I’ll do it for the child support. I’m in Canada, so he won’t even have to pay medical. LOL. At least the woman who has his kid(s) knows what she’s getting. I’m looking at some of my friends children’s fathers right now. . . Tyler’s baby momma can’t do any worse.