Twitter Gives Dwyane Wade An Honest Opinion On His New Shoe Line….. Not Good!


Dwyane Wade is trying his hand in the fashion world as you can see above and now he is coming out with his own shoe line. He decided to give Twitter a little preview and let’s just say he got a rude awakening….  I see that Twitter goes harder than a paint job. I respect that, because they will always give you their brutal and honest opinion.


What in the kindergarten craft project glitter seizure mess is this?  First of all he should of known better than to showcase anything looking like that on Twitter. People will come out with the ugliest things just to be different. Anyway peep what Twitter had to say below:

dwade dwade1 dwade2 dwade3 dwade4


  • Coffy Brown

    Those are so fuckin ugly!

  • Nic

    That Bosh face tho! LMAO.. Elle you need to be a damn comedian!

    • Coffy Brown

      Roflmao That gif is too damn funny!

  • Nic

    I don’t like athletes walking around within the fashion realm. They never know how to pull it off correctly. Their bodies are just made for a lot of designer cuts.. especially European. I hate Wade’s style. It’s always too much and Gabby’s is always too little. These shoes are ugly though. Lets hope he drops this project. Black twitter will make you hang yourself. They are terrible! lmao

  • Gigi

    Wade does this fashion stuff for attention I’m convinced because nobody would wear half the stuff he wears.