Twitter Drags Draya For Filth Goes In On Her For Being A Bad Mother (AGAIN)


I swear Twitter is the devil, so Draya tweeted that her mother and son are finally moving to California in 6 days…
Then she hastags
#whathaveyoudoneforyourfamilylately….. I don’t know what possessed her to do that knowing the history of how she allegedly left her son to eat Hungry Man dinners and just all kinds of stuff… Twitter wasn’t so nice… They went in. I mean all the way in… One person was like “What does it feel like to be a typical black father ???” Damn, that hurt MY feelings…


She started trending…. All hell broke loose… She was  on 106 & Park co hosting on today. I blame BET for starting the trend…On another note people may think that this is losing, but getting dragged by a bunch of strangers is not losing. She is still getting checks and promo whether good or bad. I dont like this trick but she is far from losing.. Keeping them pressed…


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  • Gigi

    She deserves everything that she gets coming to her. She likes to clown so call “regular folks” about not making enough money. She was just clowning teachers a couple of months ago. Teachers really? That doesn’t help on top of issues with her son. Draya always talks real slick about people and now this is nothing but well deserved Karma

    • KiaSoto

      dayum i didnt know she clowns regular folks and especially not teachers o my bad go ham on her then LOL

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  • mb

    That’s what black twitter does, they will drag you. It happens daily!!

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  • MrsGrapevine

    I feel bad for Draya, but had she not gotten caught how far would it have gone. On the other hand, it was a blessing because it opened up doors so that she could take care of her son and her mother. She was a single mother without a way, and she was just trying to hustle a living, not to mention she was young. I’m glad she’s able to make a living, and hope people will stop attacking and support her more.

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  • Yazmar

    LMAOOOOOX50…. But its the truth tho! This tramp ain’t never at home, and I have NO sympathy for her, being she does not have any for the son she pushed out her twat…smfh

  • DivaWhispers

    thats messed up people have nothing else to do with their lives but to talk about others who are living theirs…GO DRAYA

  • Venessa Thomas

    Poor Draya, I like her, people who are going in on her does not know her like that. They don’t know if that was a rumor started by a typical ”Hater” or what. People. especially a jealous chick, will start rumors to hurt you cause they are jealous. When Draya was confronted on T.V. about that, that lady cried like a baby. Personally, I don’t believe she’s a bad mother. She’s not the first, and dam sho won’t be the last female who mother has their kids a lot because grandparents are like that. Draya’s working hard and I’m sure she’s supporting her family. People are going off on this girl for nothing… Know whatcha talking about twitter freaks before scanning in on someone who you don’t know and obviously never will. #TypicalJudging

    • KiaSoto

      i know right bless her heart

    • MrsGrapevine

      It wasn’t a rumor started by a hater. Before I posted the story I verified it with the court reporter, Steve Henshaw, and he sent me the police records, ARD, and affidavit. It was leaked to blogs, and that’s how it blew up. I wanted to verify that it was true, because people will send lies to hurt people, and take them down. This had nothing to do with Chris Brown, either.

      With that being said, I so agree with you. There is no excuse for what they are doing to Draya. She was a young single mother struggling, and she is in a better place now, trying to be a better person. At some point people have to stop reminding people of their mistakes, and let them grow.

      • Nicola Gossips

        But has she learned from her mistakes? I see Draya dressed to the nines, is she spending her reality money on private education for her son? Is she saving? Leaving your son alone while you go strip isn’t a mistake, it’s neglect.

        I know there are a lot of haters out there (myself being the president of the Toronto chapter), but we shouldn’t give people a pass for doing foolish things. We need to stop applauding women just because they get on tv and are “making that money”. Our values have become out of whack.

        • MrsGrapevine

          Just cause I don’t believe in people dragging folks across twitter for laughs doesn’t mean I condone or give Draya a pass, or applaud her behavior. I have said a lot on the topic, including verifying that Draya was lying about the arrest.

          I do believe however people are always capable of being better, and that everyone’s struggles are different. You can call it “neglect” that’s the legal term, but it doesn’t mean that’s all she will ever be in life. I can call it a”mistake” (as in – to make a wrong judgment) because that’s what she did.

          Not tearing people down doesn’t mean you’re supporting their behavior, it means you don’t see the benefit of snatching them across twitter with City High lyrics…LOL. None of these people are trying to help her, either.

          • Nicola Gossips

            I understand you now. I think my issue with these reality shows is that by watching it, we support this kind of behaviour – both Draya’s past and these twitter antics.

            What was Draya’s reward for stripping and chasing men, at the expense of her child’s well-being? Fame and (relative) fortune. In my professional capacity I work with “young Drayas” (from a policy perspective), and I think we sometimes neglect to realize the impact the Basketball Wives, Teen Moms and Kardashians have on young women from disadvantaged communities. There are young girls out there who think stripping and escorting/porn is a legitimate employment path. These women on TV that we may mock, are role models to some.

            I do agree, we shouldn’t hold someone’s past over them, especially if they have moved beyond wrong behaviours. But I do think we need to remind young people that their past actions, especially in a world that loves to document everything, can and probably will come back to haunt them. If Draya was living right, these tweets would have been fewer and far between.

            Draya’s downfall is that she really hasn’t changed. She is still, in my opinion, a neglectful mother. As I’ve said, I’ve never seen her show, but I have seen images of Draya leaving clubs in various stages of undress, pictures that show her “living the life”. And this entire time she has had a son living with her mom on the other side of the country. And when she finally does right by him and brings him to the same state she’s living in, she has the gall to brag about it on twitter asking other people what have they done for their family lately?

            Twitter may not have been the appropriate forum, but she does need a dressing down.

            • MrsGrapevine

              I bet she won’t brag any more…bwahahahahaha! Let me stop.

              I agree with everything you said, however, I don’t condone the behavior, and I’m not giving her a pass. I think Draya has some real serious issues. Behind the make-up, glamour, and partying, there is a broken person…but a person none-the-less.

  • Rhonda Thompson

    guess I’m out the loop AGAIN.. Cause Idk WHO she is.. And I kinda don’t care.. OOps..

  • KiaSoto

    Whoa that is mean and hurtful but of course sometimes people use ur words against u

  • Nicola Gossips

    OMGEEE. I would have closed my twitter account out of shame. LMAO

    • Elle Brooklyn

      Yes me too… LMAO shame

      • Kia Soto

        Again her skin is tough AF