Trouble In Paradise For The Khalifa’s….. Amber Accused Of Cheating?

FAMEFLYNET - Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose Enjoying A Night Out In Hollywood

Could there be trouble in Paradise for the once happy couple, back in 2012 Wiz made reference to having his eye only for Amber Rose and doesn’t look at other women.  Now things have changed… Wiz was spotted on his Instagram last night entertaining some random groupies on Twitter.

He makes reference on his selfie picture stating that he is the only one he trusts:

photo 14

You know men usually say this when something has gone terribly wrong in the relationship…. Then he was seen posted up taking pictures with two women:

photo 13

According to sources Amber has been testing the waters and cheating on Wiz, so that would explain the trust only himself selfie! Besides Amber is a Lesbian so I won’t be surprised if she is creeping with what she was originally known for before she got with Kanye…. Sad… I liked Amber too… It was more than obvious during an interview they did last year, that he was more into Amber than she was into him. He was gushing over her. They were both asked 3 sets of questions to see how much they knew about each other, and he did way better than her.

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9 thoughts on “Trouble In Paradise For The Khalifa’s….. Amber Accused Of Cheating?

  1. I love wiz -why errbody say he look dirty – lmao SMH – amber is dead wrong for this if that’s what she has been up to – Loved them together – but she always looked like she could take it or leave it!

  2. Wiz is soooo dam funking looking and dirty…she’s fat and waz stupid azz fuck 2 tattoo his face and name on her thick body…stupid people..smh

  3. He just tweeted he can’t wait to see his wife, and she’s been saying she can’t wait to sit on his face. IDK, sounds like they’re doing just about the same. She talks about him non-stop, so I’m not too sure about this rumor.

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  5. Maybe they’re just having a little trouble right now. All relationships go through rough patches. This year seems to be the year of babies and breakups. ;-/

  6. Yeah, her being a lesbian is well known. I honestly don’t see how she does it!! Wiz is unattractive and so dirty looking to me.

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