Trey Songz Hit Up The Breakfast Club, Talks August Alsina, New Album and Chris Brown

trey songz

Trey Songz sat down with my favorite morning show the breakfast club and it seems like Trey Songz has turned over a new leaf in life, he talks August Alsina and says that he is good with him and that he believes in him and understands where he’s coming from as a new artist having to deal with the media for the first time, etc.

He spoke about August dealing with his brother being killed, taking care of his nephews, and having a lot more going on in his life than Trey does. Was pretty sincere and open about it.


  • The new Trey – he’s no longer as heated. Very chill, doesn’t headline club gigs, etc, and tries to stay out of trouble that way.
  • New album out July 1st – He has some ballads on it as he feels those stay with audiences longer once they catch on, but admits the club songs are what sell the album.
  • He heads to Africa on Wednesday for the MTV Awards
  • Chris Brown – texted him now that he’s out, but he hasn’t actually spoken with him. He goes up for Chris because they did their first tour together, but admits they blew up differently and that Chris level of fame made it harder for him to get away with certain things that Trey could. He sympathizes with him due to that, and their connection. He wants Chris and August to do well as he says there is enough money to be made by everyone. He wishes there were more R&B tours now, but says Rap/R&B are basically meshed together these days.
  • This album will be a bit more personal, but he’s purposely tried to keep his love life private. Admits he’s been in love only twice (Helen/Lauren London), and isn’t currently in love, but is having sex.