Trayvon Martin’s Family Refuses Proceeds From Zimmerman Fight


We all heard about the Zimmerman fight being cancelled, but now it’s back on and they want the proceeds to go to the Martin family, but being the beautiful people they are have refused… As they should… Peep the information after the break.

According to The Urban Daily:

As a result of the Martin’s refusal to accept any funding that might result from a George Zimmerman bare-knuckle fight that was being assembled sans rapper DMX by CEO Alki David has learned that the celebrity boxing match has been canceled once again. Zimmerman, the man notorious for killing the unarmed child Trayvon Martin, was attempting to fight multiple high profile opponents in a fight-club style match and said he would donate all profits to the foundation created by Trayvon’s family. However late today the foundation told TMZ it would NOT take any money from the fight saying, “We stand boldly against any act of violence.” They then said they would reject Alki David’s donations. TMZ called David for a comment and he summarily decided to cancel the entire event saying,“I respect the wishes of the family and in light of this we are canceling the event.” The original fight that was supposed to take place with DMX was also cancelled upon the first promoter receiving death threats and changing his mind. Given today’s events we would hope no one else steps up to oblige George Zimmerman. Hopefully we can let this man fade off into obscurity where he belongs.


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4 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin’s Family Refuses Proceeds From Zimmerman Fight

  1. HELL, eye would 2….Eye wouldn’t take a dime from that fucking monster. FUCK ZIMMERMAN eye hope whoever he fights, put his azz in a permanent coma. PUNK AZZ CRACKER!!

  2. As they should – very proud of them!!!!! Zimmerman just needs an ass whoopin, doesnt have to be televised, or promoted – just someone walk up to his sorry ass and pull a world star KO on his ass!

  3. Did these idiots really think they would take that money. Their son is dead and the man that killed him is trying to profit of his death.

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