Kanye Taking Naps During Concert, Cancels Two Cities Due To Poor Ticket Sales

yeezus meets jesus

It’s not looking too good for Kanye , I guess no one loves Yeezy no more. He really needs to disappear and come back reinvented, Kanye needs therapy. Since making all these negative headlines it appears to be messing with his ticket sales. Plus I hear it’s high as hell.

According to In Touch Magazine, “Kanye is doing sweepstakes because his NYC shows are not sold out. Compare this to Jay Z, who sells out his concerts in seconds or minutes. Kanye’s shows in his hometown of Chicago are not selling out either.”  Their saying how Kanye naps  in between songs Here is a good play by play of what he actually does during his performance!  You can thank the Kardashians for this…



Don’t believe me just watch! Kanye West naps during show???

yeezus napping

Then maybe it’s the whole set with him bringing Jesus on stage:

As Jay-Z said, Ye’ is a pioneer. He’s the “lone cowboy” that goes over the mountain trying something new. lol &we’re the Indians. After being shot with arrows, He comes back w/ more knowledge. LOL. He’s shown progression in every album. Kanye is becoming a tragedy right before our eyes..

Kanye West Brings Out Jesus at ‘Yeezus’ Opening Night!!

  • Coffy Brown

    This nigga is bananas – Tell me this aint the tour with Kendrick! I can’t even deal with him right now! SMH

  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye told yall dis fool is CRAZY!!

  • Gigi

    This isn’t surprising people can blame the Kardashians but I think it’s more on Kanye and how he acts. When you don’t have a strong core fan base that ride for like the navy, beyhive you cannot being doing ish to isolate fans and he has done that in the last 2 years.

    • KiaSoto

      I agree he claims he does it for the love of music but ……

      • Coffy Brown

        Bullshit with a capitol “B”.. lol