Trailer: Mandela “Long Walk to Freedom” Featuring Idris Elba



Idris has taken on the role portraying Nelson Mandela, and they are saying that is indeed Oscar worthy, the clip debuted online it yesterday and it showed the Elba featured his uncanny vocal impersonation of the South African leader; the “Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom”. It was directed by Justin Chadwick and it is focusing on Madela’s younger days as an activist fighting for Freedom. It has been mentioned that Idris may very well be up for Best Actor contender for the Oscar’s next year. Congrats, hopefully this will be true, also Idris could be starring in “The Nipsey Russell Story”, I can so see him playing Nipsey Russell I see the resemblance.   Idris is a long way from his HBO series The Wire days…

  • Coffy Brown

    Can’t wait for this flcik! Love Mandela and Idris!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Mandela….we love you!!