Top 5 Romantic Rap Singles

Love is a universal emotion after all, especially when it proceeds from the lips of the everyday hard-core rappers, turning passion into lyrics as Quickflirt turns jerks into amazing flirts.

Hardcore rap lovers even do not get bored on the romantic side of their favorite artists too. Which brings them to the point of desire to have a music play in the background just as it gets with their emotions.

You need a romantic rap single to beat your heart along with as it pours down your feelings quite simultaneously with the rappers?

Or, you just wonder what the 5 romantic rap singles could be?

Then, these very best would do just apt!

Let’s take it from down below to the topmost on the list.

5. Drake: Best I Ever Had

If it resonates in your heart that you just found the fairest of them all not to mention the best, then this Pop-rap is the way to go.

Topping the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs (Billboard) you’d agree that numbers truly don’t lie.

Famous for the punchline “Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on

That’s when you’re the prettiest

I hope that you don’t take it wrong”

After all, every girl would love to hear that someday even if it weren’t Drake whispering it to them.

For somebody, the time is now! So, congrats to you whoever you are!

4. Ja Rule: Put It on Me

Although, Ja Rule has been persistently romantic, however, you’d agree that, this is perhaps the most romantic rap single ever sung by a “thug”. I mean;

“Where would I be without my baby?

The thought alone might break me,

And I don’t wanna go crazy,

But every thug needs a lady.”

Whose heart wouldn’t melt on hearing that?

Those words were omnipresent in the 2000s of Ja’s popularity. Little wonder it made it here!

3. 2pac: Temptation

There are so many sides of 2pac. Romance isn’t just an exclusion if you take a look.

The thug life rapper would always come to mind in the history of rap music but this time around particularly for his romantic side.

Nothing aids temptation better than this track itself with such sensual lyrics to lie for.

For those who don’t mind falling for the temptation, 2pac has got the juice for you!

“Tell me, baby, are you lonely? Don’t wanna rush ya,

I can help ya if you’re only, let me touch ya.”

Something more explicit to match the title?

“What do I do? Gettin’ shaky when she pull the dress up

And say it’s cool, should I stroke

Or should I wait a while? You decide

If you tell me that you don’t want it, that’s a lie

Move close and let me whisper

Some dirty words in your ears as I kiss ya”

You see?

2. Eminem ft Rihanna: Love the Way You Lie

Even the “rap god” had something to rhyme as regards the feeling of love. Something so accurately depicted which earned him the no.1 spot on far too many music chart lists.

“You ever love somebody so much, you can barely breathe when you’re with ’em?

If yes to the aforementioned lyrical question, then you got yourself the best romantic rap single to rhyme along with.

This sure isn’t a perfect duet without Rihanna!

1. Method Man ft Mary J Blige: I’ll Be There for You/You’re All I Need to Get By

What is rap without the 90s? Even worse without Mary J Blige’s medal touch?

This also came with the Grammy to prove its essence.

“Nothing makes a man feel better than a woman”

Boom! That sure strikes as a universal truth. Perhaps one of the reasons it got so famous!

Have a field day listening to this!

Thinking about these top 5, I get goosebumps already and I’m sure you will by the virtue of the emotions spewed by the rappers through the mic.

So, there you go with the top 5 romantic rap singles.