Top 5 Famous Fashion Brand Ambassadors

When it comes to fashion, it’s not news that every brand wants a celebrity to endorse their products. Generally, the most famous brands want the most famous celebrities to promote them as if you`re a great brand you need a great name!

We all know that the top 10 fashion houses among which we find Chanel, Dior, Versace etc. commonly choose the most popular singers, actors and actresses, models and world-class showmen to present their brands as here any celebrity is considered as not just a recognizable brand but as a recognizable brand of QUALITY. The most famous designers commonly collaborate with the world famous celebrities because their big names need the right big names for their luxury labels because, in the world of advertising, the image is everything!



Here we take a look at the top 5 partnerships brought to us by 2017 so far.

Let`s start our fashion list with a famous brand ambassador about which we don’t have the right to silence, namely Maria Borges. Borges started her model career in 2015 at the Victoria Street Fashion Show as the first model to wear her short, natural curls. In 2017 L’Oreal Paris called Maria Borges a new face of its label and signed her onto its roster.


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The boundary-pushing pop star Rihanna has been a face of the world’s iconic fashion house Dior since 2015.  Firstly, she joined forces with Dior for its Secret Garden campaign. By the way, that was the first Dior campaign to feature with a celebrity of color. In 2016 Rihanna continued her collaboration with Dior to produce a splendid collection of futuristic sunglasses.



This year she visited Dior Resort 2018 Show where surprised everyone with her prairie-chic look. The off-shoulder fur piece, cuffed jeans, layers of turquoise jewelry, a stone embellished bolero hat and fringe-trimmed Dior flap bag make her look amazingly versatile and gorgeous. Just look at her shoes. What to wear on rainy days? Of course, such combat boots as Rihanna wore!   

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What can we say about David Beckham as a fashion brand ambassador? Oh, much more! Maybe there isn’t one person who doesn’t know his most effective campaigns, including Pepsi, H&M, Brylcreem and Sainsbury`s. And this year Tudor announced that Tudor and Breitling had entered into partnership and made David Beckham a new face of the updated brand.

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Kendall Jenner has already fronted more than 14 advertising campaigns. The 21-years-old model and reality TV personality has now been the face of Estée Launder and Marc Jobs for three years. This year Kendall Jenner has been the latest member of “Adidas fam.” Since September she was announced as the official face of Ippolita`s Fall 2017 campaign. Besides, she and her sister Kylie have their own clothing line deal with Topshop.



Of course, we can`t compile a list of the best fashion ambassadors without George Clooney. This striking Hollywood star has been a face of Nespresso and Omega for many years now. His long-term partnership with these two international brands makes George Clooney one of the most popular ambassadors when it comes to good coffee and cool classy watches.