Too Cute: Kanye Fake Sleeping With North In His Arms


I love me some Ye’ but he looks so fake, but this is too cute.. Of course yesterday was Father’s day and everyone was posting their favorite pics and giving shout outs to all the great dads out there, but this one stood out for me…. Especially since he was   Boo’d by fans after showing up to his set late and going on another one of his rants.

Kim “Supposedly” snapped this picture as Kanye and North were spending sometime together watching the game…. I could tell North was really sleeping, but Ye’ looked very uncomfortable… Nevertheless, it’s a really cute picture and North got a little pop belly… LOL awwwww ! Beautiful little girl!

  • mb

    This is cute! Baby Nori is his twin.

  • Gigi

    This is so cute.

  • gphi

    Very cute pic, but I agree with Elle Brooklyn that Kanye looks like he’s “fake sleeping”. PEACE!!!

    • Kia Soto

      lol I agree too, I just like giving Elle a hard time haha

  • KiaSoto

    you are a mess, why he could nt schlep doe in my gucci mane voice