TMZ Allegedly Blackmailing Justin Bieber


This is a TattleTailzz Exclusive……..Allegedly TMZ has a video of Justin Bieber rapping using the N-word. According to our source, TMZ is using the unreleased video as leverage against him in return Justin Bieber has to host an episode of TMZ and or exclusive stories –that sounds like “blackmail” to me. So if we see Justin hosting an episode of TMZ does that mean he used the N- word?

The video may or may not damage his career, but honestly if he is rapping and using the n-word does he get a pass, who doesn’t use the N word when rapping?

If this video truly exist will it damage the superstars career?

What’s your thoughts on Justin Bieber using the N word while rapping?

Do you think TMZ would blackmail a celebrity?

  • John Doe

    I applaud this website for having REAL sources and not just making them up for traffic

    • Elle Brooklyn

      Thank you so much

    • Kia Soto

      Thank you

  • jerry fabin

    You’re absolutely right. Since Beiber raps with N-words and has N-word friends he should not be held accountable for his actions. What do you guys think?

  • Apryl

    YIKES!! TMZ is just a bunch a bullies who want to ruin peoples careers?

    • dickwad

      tmz knew justin was a jerk, they have lots of footage of bieber saying fucked up things. Justin is a retard and gets what he has coming. TMZ is not immune to Karma either.

      • cloie

        I disagree with your use of the r-word. Not only is it demeaning to those who have actual mental handicaps, but Justice Beaver is not someone who has a mental handicap, he is an idiot who has millions of dollars and nobody to kick his ass into shape. I’d hope you’ll use a more apt adjective to describe him in the future.

        • No dickwad is right

          No I think retard is the right word. Self imposed retard? What would make you feel better? Idiot and restard are the same, just because you watch too much Hollywood bullshit about manipulating words. Don’t think words hold multiple meaning and for that they can’t be used. Bieber wants to kill niggers and be part off the kkk, thus using nigger isn’t appropriate…if he said, “heeey, my nigga when you gonna swing by and pump my ass full o yo nigga juice!?”…that would be ok.

        • No dickwad is right

          Then retards have something to look forward to. They too can sell out stadiums and become millionaires. It builds moral. Baby, baby, baby ooooh!

  • Holly

    Wow, you guys were right. Crazy.

    • KiaSoto


      • Holly

        Well at least Gawker gave you credit for that. Most folks on the web won’t be kind enough to direct traffic back to your site.

        • KiaSoto

          Aww thats good to know, I had no Idea Gawker credited us!!! THANK U Holly

          • Robert Monsivais

            yup they sure did.

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