Third Woman Accuses Darren Sharper Of Rape



This is sad, former NFL defensive back Darren Sharper was arrested in L.A. and booked for two separate incidents of sexual assault, one back in October 2013 and another this month. He was booked in an LA county Jail.

He was released on $200k bail and his court date is set for Feb 4th…. Now a third woman has come forward, claiming that she was assaulted by Darren.

A southeast Louisiana woman filed a sexual assault complaint last year accusing former New Orleans Saint Darren Sharper of criminal misconduct, the WDSU I-Team has learned.
The local complaint is not related to Sharper’s arrest on Friday in Los Angeles, where he is charged with rape in connection with incidents that allegedly took place last October and earlier this month.
That case remains open and active. Detectives are investigating what is described as a simple rape — or sexual assault — complaint. Officials did not provide any specifics, such as where the incident happened, but sources told WDSU the encounter between Sharper and the alleged victim took place at a private residence in the Warehouse District.


Rape is often about violence and power, sexual fetishes/fantasies and other unaddressed psychological issues. He is innocent until proven guilty… Hopefully it’s not true…




  • Coffy Brown

    What the hell is simple rape! If he take it , it’s rape right – so what are the adjectives for – So disparaging to actually title levels of rape – this dude is off his rocker and needs to be put down!!!~

  • Venessa Thomas

    He must be (mentally) FUCKED up cause he’s cute

  • mb

    Woah, not Darren? This is crazy!

  • KiaSoto

    thats a shame as fine as he is he has to take Pu$$Y