They Way Of Wade: Dwyane Wade Celebrates His 32nd Birthday With A Big Bash



Despite Dwyane Wade’s baby mama drama, that didn’t stop him from celebrating his birthday in an elaborate way. He celebrated his 32nd birthday partying with a three story Yatch plus a matching jacket), multiple cakes and a display case full of expensive shoes. Everyone was in attendance, even Gabrielle, right by his side… His cake was sneaker themed.. It looked like a great party…Can you just imagine WHAT THE WAGS are saying behind Gabriel’s back? Meanwhile the Pacers are number 1 in the eastern conference. They need to spend more time in the gym and less on social media. I’m still team HEAT all day despite the drama…

DWade’s shirt-jacket and the interior and exterior of that boat are the same pattern…1st time in life I’ve ever seen a man/boat coordinate. No bueno! This has got to be a fashion faux pas of the highest order. I must say even though Bosh wasn’t giving face this time, he was one of the baddest bishes in the room… Get it….





  • Coffy Brown

    They look like they were having a good time – That cake was phenomenal!!!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Mannnn, he loves himself some Gabrielle!!!

  • Nic

    Not feeling the shoe collection Wade. :-(

  • Gigi

    Here we go with the Gabby and Wade classic picture staring at each other like so in love but weren’t they posing like this right around the time he got somebody pregnant last year lol. These two can really put on.

    • Elle Brooklyn

      Can we say she is a great actress… LOL

  • mb

    You know, I thought the same when I saw the pictures of the wives at the party. I’m sure their spouses are telling them what we all know now, Dwade is a cheater and has been cheating on Gabby for a long time. It is what it is!!