The Trials and Tribulations of Being a New Mommy Part 3 – First Year Reflections


It’s been almost a year since I’ve had my son Tres’, and while it’s been filled with so many happy times, I can’t help but to reflect on the many crazy life lessons that I’ve learned that I’m sure all of my mommy’s can relate too. With his first birthday and Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I thought it fitting to reference my first post on new mommyhood¬†, in which I¬†focused on my “battle with the bulge”(which by the way I am happy to announce I am close to winning). But even more than the physical changes that new mommyhood has taken on my body, no one could prepare me for the other changes. We’ve all heard that little boys are made of “snakes and snails and puppy dog tails” but I think they forgot some key main ingredients….like poop…and puke…and lots of other slimey things. You also learn that prison isn’t the only place where you’re forced to share a bathroom with someone else as every bathroom trip you now make is shared with a little person who doesn’t quite get the concept of personal space. I’m also convinced that the rapper Kevin Gates owes my baby some type of check for his song “I Don’t Get Tired” because it has to be inspired by the only one-year old I know that can literally stay up into the late night hours then wake up the next morning at the crack of dawn like he has to clock into work. On the plus side motherhood has brought out traits in me that I otherwise never knew I had. Who knew that the girl that never ran a day in her life could sprint like an Olympic track star to race after a run away one-year old who decided that he wanted to test out his new walking skills too close to the hallway steps? Or that I could learn to multi-task by blogging with one hand while simultaneously feeding a hungry baby with the other.

Me and the lil’ guy…he was not the least bit amused lol

All in all, motherhood has brought out some of my best traits while helping me improve on some of my not so great ones, and I’m excited to continue on this journey. So Happy Early Mother’s Day to all of my mommy’s and feel free to share some of your favorite mommy “lessons” and moments as well!

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  1. Eye just don’t like this world. I would not bring a child here either. These women can hit the gym and rid themselves of that left over baby fat!

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