The Power of Details: Things Women Notice about Men at Once

Men and women check out each other in a different way. While men want to see the whole picture, women pay attention to certain details of men’s appearance and behavior. This attention can be explained by women’s nature – they tend to view each man as a potential partner and a future father of their children, so here every single detail matters. When you approach a girl or go out with her, you want to make a good first impression on her. Be ready that she will start sizing you up the moment she sees you – this is something that women do subconsciously. There are a lot of details about your looks and behavior that women notice immediately and form their initial impression about you.


Let’s face it, the first thing people notice about strangers is their appearance. And the very first thing that catches woman’s eye is man’s physique. Imagine the situation: it’s your first date and you’ve never seen each other in real life. When you come to the place where you agreed to meet, most likely she’ll notice you from a distance and will assess your figure and posture. Women are attracted to the men with broad shoulders and manly physique. Also, the way a man moves can tell much about his character. If he walks with a measured tread, keeps his posture, and looks at his date rather than somewhere behind her, it makes him appear confident and calm.


Most men can’t remember the color of the eyes of the girl they met the other day because they just got a general impression – they know that she is hot. A woman will not only notice the color of man’s eyes but also watch how he manages to maintain an eye contact. If you look a woman in the eyes, she’ll feel that you’re focused on her and find her interesting and special.


Smiling men are more successful with women. So it’s very important to approach a girl with a smile on your face. It sends the right signal to her showing that you have good intentions and feel comfortable.


Your style can tell much about your personality. Women pay attention not only to their clothing but also to the way other women and men are dressed. If you go out on a date, keep in mind that your clothes will undergo a close examination by a woman. The main requirements for your outfit are that it should be appropriate to the type of date you have, look fresh, and be clean.


Women love not only with their ears but also with their noses. Some women can almost fall in love with a stranger on a public transport just because his cologne smells so good. Now you understand how the way you smell can contribute to making an impression on a woman. You should choose fresh scents and apply them moderately because if you wear too much cologne, you’ll just make it unbearable for a woman to stand near you.


Your opening line and the words you say to a girl during the first minutes of your conversation are important. However, the decisive factor here is the way you say them. If you want to draw woman’s attention, a deep and confident voice is your secret tool.

Manners and etiquette

One of the most important details that women want to see in men is their manners. The way a man behaves can speak volumes for him as a personality. A woman will watch how courteous and tactful he is towards her and by the end of the conversation or a date, she will be able to tell if he deserves her time.

Attitude to others

As a rule, women are good psychologists and they know that a man reveals his true nature through communication with others. That’s why a woman will watch how a man interacts with other people in different situations. If he talks down to a waiter/cashier/driver or shouts at somebody via the phone, such behavior will turn a woman down even if he is courteous to her.