The Past and Present: Psychological Lynching in the Media

The Past and Present: Psychological Lynching in the Media

“Don’t believe everything your earlobe captures; — It’s mostly backwards” — Jay Z

There was no such thing as “social media” in 1989, when five black and Latino teenagers from the Harlem community of New York City were arrested and convicted of brutally beating and raping a white woman in New York City’s Central Park. The press meticulously grabbed everyone’s attention, aiding people to rush to judgement. Headlines read “Nightmare in Central Park”, “The Wolfpack”, “The Crime of The Century”, and “Wilding teen’s brutally attack banker.”

The teens repeatedly denied the rape, and there was no evidence against them. However, the media placed considerable guilt on the teens. The five teenagers, ages 14 to 16 at the time of their arrests, claimed that any implicating statements they gave was indeed coerced by the authorities after many hours of interrogation, without their parents consents or lawyers present.

According to the former Mayor of New York City, Ed Koch, who often referred to the teens as monsters stated this was “the biggest media story of our time.”


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Donald Trump, joined in the public pursuit and finger-pointing while spending at least $85,000 on advertising in various New York City newspapers placing a 600 word ad in every circulation titled ”Bring Back the Death Penalty. Bring Back Our Police!”

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Unfortunately, the initial statements were ruled admissible, and the teens were convicted in two separate trials in 1990. The five inmates each spent between 6 and 13 years in prison waiting for exoneration. Finally, and nearly 14 years later, a serial rapist confessed his guilt and the DNA evidence proved the Central Park 5 were indeed innocent.

Can you imagine the psychological damage and abuse these teens went through?

In a flash their lives changed forever, their essence gone, their youth and dreams stripped and stolen. Their numerous believers were outnumbered by the overwhelming hatred of others.

After they were released, one of the Central Park 5 said at a press conference “It’s unbelievable the injustice we suffered throughout all these years and that we continue to suffer until today,” “The Donald Trumps, the Ann Coulters, and the bloggers who still say that we’re guilty . . . they just can’t let it go. We’re innocent. What more do you need? What more do we have to prove?” Eventually they were awarded lawsuits against the city and state.


That is only one of many examples of how the media and their associated mob mentality controls the news to pass judgment, disrupt racial harmony, and create mayhem.

What does the media have to gain by altering the truth and weakening our race? What is the real message behind black lives matters?


How Social Is Social Media?

Now in the 21st century, in a time where social media, news coverage, the internet, and people should bridge together more to make a change – somehow mass media still has effectively mastered the art of igniting hate and dividing classes.

Social media gives us a platform to be heard when seeking justice for the injustice. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. But really, how social is the media?

Although the power is in our palms, it’s still overwhelming how the media, law enforcement, and the government continues to play a crucial role in the way blacks and other minorities are perceived when dealing with crimes and other forms of anti-social behavior.

We have witnessed for ourselves the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore and how mainstream media highlights the “so- called savage behavior” involved with the riots. Yet they did not air good deeds and acts of humanity, which were going on at the same time in the same cities.

Don’t Get It Twisted

The media doesn’t just target low-income or economically challenged blacks, they go after their “so called” favorite money-making blacks too, i.e. Michael Jackson, O.J Simpson and now Bill Cosby. Some say Bill Cosby is arrogant, rude and disconnected from the black community – mainly because of his harsh, perplexing and truthful outlook about black empowerment and improving black’s social-economic performance. Others believe he deserves to be punished pound-for-pound because of his unforgettable “pound cake speech.”

Before the alleged allegations I can’t honestly tell you the last time I thought about Bill Cosby and or The Cosby Show. However, these alleged allegations make me think about Bill Cosby every single day. Maybe, all the unfair and unbalance media attention given to the alleged allegations against Bill Cosby would have swayed my opinion of him, but after having the pleasure to meet and interview with Dr. Cosby my perception of him is still intact.

Thus, I can ensure that Bill Cosby is not the monster that the media is trying to transform him into. Rather, he is a human being who continues to maintain his innocence in an unprecedented situation.

“Men, if you want to win, we can win, we are not a pitiful race of people. We are a bright race, who can move with the best. But we are in a new time, where people are behaving in abnormal ways and calling it normal” — Bill Cosby May 2008, The Atlantic

Since last year the media has aggressively pursued the destruction of Bill Cosby’s image. Not only is his reputation at stake but his livelihood is being attacked, which includes his TV shows, tour dates, endorsements, and upcoming projects but more importantly, his philanthropic legacy. It’s been reported that Bill Cosby is the only Black Humanitarian who has donated more than $100 million dollars to various foundations, schools and other education-based projects.
To this day Bill Cosby and his attorneys have consistently denied allegations of criminal wrongdoing and he has never been charged. Yet, the headlines force you to believe he is guilty of these alleged allegations, “America’s Rapist:” “Bill Cosby Is a Rapist:” “Bill Cosby Drugged Me:” “Bill Cosby Is Going to Jail.”


The Press, the Process, and the Oppressor

The media has used its power to try to destroy a powerful black man by doing the following: turn friends into enemies, create hostility amongst educational institutions and influence corporate and governmental association to strip away accolades.
A number of media outlets have stepped outside of practicing reliable journalism in order to participate in journalism malpractice. For almost 11 months, the media has found ways to keep Bill Cosby’s name in the headlines, whether it’s bringing his name up during a press conference with the President of United States discussing Iran, and or telling its viewers, listeners, and readers not to let the murders of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, the South Carolina massacre and the many other acts of violence on blacks minimize their effort to keep Bill Cosby’s name in the headlines.

These journalistic war tactics prove that the medias’ primary objective is to erase the legacy of Bill Cosby, but most importantly, not wanting America to experience the wonderful feeling of seeing in this lifetime “A BLACK DYNASTY.”


Even with the unethical release of his sealed 2005 deposition by Associated Press. What was revealed is opposite of what the media reports. If the press and the public would read more, they would find that many of these “so-called” sexual allegations are “accusations without penetration.”


In the deposition, Cosby admitted to partaking in playboy behavior, infidelities, and he admitted to giving only one woman, with her request, one of his prescribed Quaaludes in the 70’s because it was used as a party drug. It doesn’t say he later had sex with that same woman he gave the Quaalude too. He never admitted to drugging anyone, unlike what the media reports, who has the public thinking he laced drinks and drugged women. This deposition is misconstrued and taken out of context by the media.


Similar to The Central Park 5 – the press is repeating a psychological lynching and offering no apologies.

The Associated Press, The Wrap, New York Magazine, New York Post, The New York Daily News, CNN, Boston Globe, and New York Times have all shown they have no problem convicting someone through the headlines and ruining their reputation—simple rule is just to supply the people with the right lie; half of the truth; and they will believe what you want them too. Therefore, no evidence is needed just media scare tactics to mislead the people and convict the innocent.


Dr. Cosby once said, “If they can see you, they cannot make you disappear.”

In my opinion, this crusade is Far From Finished, and vindication will come sooner than later for Bill Cosby.






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  1. Great article Kia. Thank you.

    Some of the other Black men Gloria Allred has targeted are Eddie Murphy, Tiger Woods, Morgan Freeman, Herman Cain, Lawrence Taylor, Kanye West, Shaquille O’Neal, Floyd Mayweather, and Michael Jackson. African-American men constitute 7.5 percent of U.S.’s population, but appear to be the primary demographic targeted by Allred.

    Source: Tattle Tailzz (via Instagram), August 8, 2015.

  2. This article is absolutely right… The media fucks up lives and don’t care because all they care about is ratings, profit and visibility..

  3. The media jus’ says things to try to get you to subscribe to their magazines, watch their tv shows, & click on their websites, it all about money. PEACE!!!

  4. Well thought out informative journalism, something we haven’t seen for a long time. Thank you.
    Hard to imagine people like Donald Trump exist, but they do. He also fought to not have any settlement given to those young boys because in his words ” they were black and in a park so must have been up to SOMETHING.” Racism at its worst.

  5. Thank you, Ms. Soto, these are excellent points, well put together.
    It is ridiculous and insane to believe the claim that Dr. Cosby was giving drugs to women and sexually assaulting them for 40 years and nobody ever wrote or said one word about it to anybody. It is clear and obvious to any rational person who investigates the facts, that 40 to 50 people have made false accusations against Dr. Cosby in the last nine moths for political, psychological and economic reasons.

    1. I agree and thank u- your opinion matters and inspires me to really prove the facts and spread the truth so thank you

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