The Navy Comes For Karreuche She Tries To Clap Back


Karreuche can never catch a break, especially when posting on social media. She took a photo of herself in bed while her mother came to her house to clean and well you know what happens after that…



You know just simple, not going in on nobody, then the Navy makes their way to her page but one comment got Karrueche all in her feelings.


Notice how she didn’t disagree with her? I’ve never understood why celebs or even pseudo celebs respond to clear forms of trolling . Now if they come for you on a personal level, yes feel free to pop off but this was just your basic “Rih > you” style response and she should be over that shit by now, her feelings can’t stay raw and wounded forever.. The Navy does not play and they harrass Karreuche whenever possible. I kind of feel bad for her…

  • Coffy Brown

    SMH! –

  • Nic

    I agree with Gigi. I like Rihanna only b/c she gives zero damns.. but I would never hire her. She’s all over the place. Pointing out that Rihanna makes more money seems like a better argument… work ethic? Not so much.

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    Ha! that she actually responded though.

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  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye don’t like when she gets picked on because she doesn’t bother peeps like that

  • Gigi

    I just said in the last post that she stay getting dragged. They need to leave this girl alone she has done nothing wrong just guilt by association. If anything the navy should be happy her and Chris are together so he will stay away from Rihanna. She should have never responded the navy will always go in on her. I can’t lie I would have went all the way in on that Navy flunkie comment on work ethic bish please showing up drunk and late and singing off key while just walking around the stage grabbing your crotch at is some work ethic. Yea I’m firing shots lol.

    • Nicola Gossips

      But at least Rihanna has a job. How does this girl earn money? Her club appearances and photoshoots, cannot keep up any sort of lifestyle. Chris is handing her money. She’s too young for that life. The fact that her mother comes over to clean and not a housekeeper, should tell you she’s not making coin.

      I think Rihanna’s a better role model for young girls than this mess.

      • Gigi

        How is she any different then say Kim Kardashian who cares how she gets money. Bottom line she is getting attacked not because of how she earns an income but because she is w/ CB. I definitely don’t hold her mom coming over to clean because you don’t know the relationship she has w/her mother who is to say her mom is not doing it because she wants too. Some moms are just going to do things like that case in point every time my mom comes to visit she always cleans my fridge it’s never clean enough for her. She always does that even when its clean she has done that since the day I left home. Neither Rihanna or Karrueche are role models for girls fault the girl for being a dumb ass female and staying in a relationship w/ someone who obviously doesn’t respect her. But to talk about her work ethnic from one IG pic is a bit ridiculous. My point is how would these delusional navy flunkies rate Rihanna’s work ethnic when it comes to singing live and dancing on stage and showing up on time because clearly she is dropping the ball and her work ethnic is lacking in that department.