The King of Possible Jay-Z

Jay-Z posted a picture on his website LifeandTimes making a statement with one photo, “No Ceilings” he titled it, as he stood rooftop across from the Barclay Center.

“On the roof at 560 State St. Words can’t describe.”–Jay-Z

The King of Possible, a young boy from the projects in Brooklyn now part owner of the Brooklyn Nets, named the best rapper alive, married to Beyoncé Knowles and a “couple” million away from becoming a billionaire.

People ask me why I am such a huge fan of Jay-Z……My response “he had nothing- but he had everything, the love from his family and the will power for a better life; and the end results a happy successful man who is humble, polished, admirable and a transformer. The power he possess the influence he holds is absolutely undeniable, with that being said Jay-Z is The King of Possible.”

We have witnessed history and we have watched his victorious win. You can relate with Jay, his struggles, his upbringing, his battles, his “blackness” and with all things against “us” Jay beat the odds; becoming a warrior who won the war against “our own negative mindset enslavement”.

Think Big Aim High and tune in to Jay-Z’s live and closing performance tonight at the Barclay Center.

Kia Soto


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