The Kardashian Christmas Cards Are Here! Peep The Symbolism



The Kardashian annual Christmas cards are here and I am just speechless… Laughing at Bruce in the bottle. Notably missing is Rob, Scott, Lam Lam and North. Of course the photo shoot was done by David LaChappelle. Kendall is very beautiful in these pictures. All the symbolism though.. Giving me Michael Jackson “Leave Me Alone” Video. But when you really look at these pictures, it’s the most HONEST revelation that this family has ever provided or done about themselves. Think about it!

k2 k3

 Actually if you blow up this  picture you will see Kanye in the picture on a magazine cover along with Lamar…


But I kind of like..Kim standing by the money sign, Bruce trying to escape out of that glass, Kris wearing the head piece because she’s the HBIC, the kids looking like they know it’s foolery, a black baby under the coming soon sign representing North, random cashier and ATM signs…I can’t lmao.. But this doesn’t represent Christmas at all.

  • Coffy Brown

    WEll, t look like they had fun.. lmao and they do look good – but I just don’t know, is this what Christmas has come to?

  • Venessa Thomas

    Airbrushed like a mf!!! Kim’s waist is not that small…sorry Kim, nice try

  • yazmar

    Wow…that symbolism in green…smfh fuck them all

  • MrsGrapevine

    Is that Kanye West breast-feeding??? Let me hursh!!!

  • Meiqua

    I think it’s really cute!

  • KiaSoto

    look at bruce locked in the capsule lol women rule