The Dreams Denies Having Twins, But Expecting A Boy?


Teddy Ruxpin who went on his usual Twitter Rants denied that he was having a boy. About a week ago new broke that The Dream and his wife were expecting twins, but he has denied those claims hinting that there is only one and it’s a boy.

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Tweeting: “If someone is having twins it’s deff not me. Comon man Gdamn. Run with it. Unless u mean twin turbo in this Benz!”   Then posted the above photos..

  • Coffy Brown

    Who cares? – He makes good music, that’s the only reson people stil leven remember his name!

    • Kia Soto


  • MrsGrapevine

    What number are we own?

  • Venessa Thomas

    His album sucks I heard


    He’s quite fertile. Damn!

  • Gigi

    The hamburglar strikes again impregnating women and then soon ditch them.