The Dream’s Baby Mother Photographed Injuries After Attack (Pics)


This is getting serious now, after being wanted by the cops and turning himself in for allegedly attacking his girlfriend/baby mother, now pictures have surfaced of the bruises she sustained from the Dream. It shows giant bruises on her arm and leg, as well as scratches on her neck and face.


According to the criminal complaint, Dream pulled and dragged her by her hair, choked her with a necklace she was wearing by twisting it tightly around her neck, kicked and punched her in the head and then grabbed her by the neck, pinning her to the wall and choking her again.




The complaint also alleged that when Nam tried to call 911, he violently twisted her arm and said he would kill her “like O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown.” Nam says she waited seven months to report the incident out of fear for her safety. The-Dream denies the whole thing.




Yeah, the Dream should stick a fork in his career now…  Not only were you fired from Def Jam, but now you have been charged with two felonies… Karma….. After cheating on your wife and leaving each one of them because they were not physically to your liking….. I know Christina Milian is laughing somewhere… You never win, when you play dirty! Remember that!

  • Venessa

    Looks real to me