The Dream Wants You To Know


As the world turns with this guy and after pictures surface of his child’s mother with bruises and scratches today, the Dream turned to Twitter to defend himself…


Then he proceeds to write:

As my mother would say “you’ve taken my sweetness as a weakness” I feel sorry for whoever has to live without Love in their heart. Yet I might smile to keep from crying, that hurt isn’t caused by one thing or one person it’s caused by the others who choose to speak at me as if I am worthless. I gave my whole life to all of you through myself and others. I have sang you to sleep, I have sang at your weddings, I’ve empowered women through words and through others, on top of that my LOVE for the woman period is infinite, my only fear I carry is my Mother Reva M Nash looking down on me and being [ashamed] of me. If I have no life outside of music it’s because I’ve given almost everything to you, I would give any and everyone the shirt off of my back. Retain the sympathy I picked this life so I am fine with the non sympathizing , I am blessed and I have seen things others can only dream of and I know I am fortunate. My mind and heart is clear and I will not retreat and I will not Kneel to the face of Injustice .When the light shines on these days in the near future I will welcome you all back with open arms so you can understand what love is. I’ve already forgiven you. #FreeDream #black #under-attack #CONSIDERTHESOURCE #LOYALTY #PROONYX


I sang you to sleep, I sang at your weddings”

I have not one damn time heard of someone playing his song at their wedding. He thinks way too highly of himself. That whole paragraph didn’t say nothing but that he thinks he’s God’s gift to he world. I knew I had a valid reason to hate his Pillsbury behind. Women stop breeding with men like him….. You will never be different! 

  • Venessa

    Ok..dude, nice try, but whateva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!