The Cooperation of BetMotion with Zitro

It seems the gambling industry is never without it’s moments of excitement, as in a surprise move software company Zitro has entered into a content creation contract with popular Brazilian gambling site BetMotion.

BetMotion, a Latin America based company that originally appeared on the gambling scene back in 2008 decided that cooperation of the two companies would be a great way to bring new and entertaining content to their players.




CEO of BetMotion, Peter Nolte said of the deal: “We at BetMotion are thrilled to have joined forces with Zitro to deliver our customers in Latin America these beloved bingo games.”
This unexpected deal which was announced back in late January will, according to company sources, secure BetMotion with a selection of brand new games on their sites for their players to enjoy. The games in question that they will be bringing over to their site from this new found cooperate will be ‘Zitro Power’, ‘Spin Bingo’, ‘Lucky Hero’ and ‘Fishmania’.
Representatives at the company have also advised that they are taking a great deal of care to ensure that the digital version of these incredibly popular gambling games are covered well. They said they will provide players with the same experience as the land based games that they’re based on.
Since the deal was announced Nolte also said this merger would allow the company to finally extend its reach into other markets in different countries.
They said they would be able to hit the Mexican gambling industry hard. Which according to them was an area that they have been trying to break into for quite some time, but never quite had the reach or content to push all the way there.
Although it’s still fairly early days for this deal as it was only announced recently, it’s safe to say that both companies are going to benefit quite a lot.
But, whether this works out for them in the long run is something that the industry as a whole will have to sit and watch, either way, according to it’s going to be an exciting future for all of those involved.

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