The Chicago Bulls Pull out All The Stops to Impress Carmelo Anthony



The Free Agent press has begun and we are going to start off with Carmelo Anthony, he opted out of his contract with the New York Knicks after being with them for a minute with no real help on his team…  Now he is checking out different teams to see what will fit him and his family and let’s just say, Chicago pulled out all the stops… They even had Melo signs, with championship trophies, wrapped all around the United Center.

Melo Melo3 Melo4



Wouldn’t it be Funny if he signs with The Miami heat, even though he didn’t have them on his list of teams to visit and making all these other teams do a song and dance for him.


Photo Credit: Nick Friedell Twitter

  • ToniPayne Pop Culture Updates

    lol.. hope he signs with them after all this

  • twanatells

    Since their star players D Rose is out they gotta find somebody to replace him

    • gphi

      Gotcha, I didn’t know that D. Rose was still out(or out again) though. PEACE!!!

  • gphi

    That would be kind of messed up if he signed with the Heat though. PEACE!!!

  • KiaSoto

    go chitown