Teedra Moses Talks New Music, Tank and More Watch Now

Songstress Teedra Moses sits down with TeamCurtains to talk music, reality TV, and more – check out the highlights and interview now.

Thoughts on big vocal soul singers such as Fantasia, singing pop songs
(referencing to her new song ‘Ain’t Got Time For It‘)

“I think that it’s dope. I think that singers… If you can sing you can sing anything, you know so, you can do what they can’t do, but you can do what they do too and Fantasia, if you ever see her live, she is a singer,” says Teedra.




Interviewer: “After she takes off her shoes”

“Yes [both chuckle], and she don’t play, she’s in the church, she don’t… she’s got that thing and I think that. For her to narrow it down and do a, you know, a more POP song it’s only right. She’d got the vocals to do whatever she wants to do, she shouldn’t put herself in a box,” she concludes.

On R.Kelly’s Facebook rant on the lack of support in R&B music.

“I think that if you are black and you are singing R&B Soul – it doesn’t matter. If you are white – you are the greatest thing that’s ever happened. But at the same time, I understand the respect that R.Kelly should get but ranting is a waste of time to me, I think that action is more imperative and at the platform he is at, and i’m not judging him, I just say keep pushing it, you know thats all we can do, keep pushing it because it is so vital and times like now Soul music and R&B music is more vital than anything because people are going through things. So they need music they can grasp hold to and live to, not just go to the club and take Molly’s and screw women, you know, I’m just saying.”

On Tank’s suggestion to make an R&B Soul and R&B POP category to help acknowledge more singers.

“I agree. I totally agree. I just don’t get off into all that so much, but I’m not.. I hustle so hard, I don’t have time, you know what I mean. I get it, I get that they should do all those things but I don’t expect anything from anyone. The only people I care about is what the people play.

All these acolytes and, you know, winning this and being acknowledged here… The people acknowledge me, that means everything to me. I’m just trying to grow those numbers of more and more people to acknowledge me in what I’m doing. You can call it R&B, because when its all said and done I don’t know what kind of music I’m going to making.

I like all kinds of music. I can sing like Adele, I can write like Adele, I can sing like Fantasia… no that’s a lie. I can sing Gospel, I can sing in that vain, you know but I can do some many different things that I just don’t get caught up in what ‘them’ or ’they,’ you know the they that Khalad talking about don’t want you to win. I don’t get caught up in those people, I get caught up in the love.

I really focus on the love and I get a lot of love and I feel like what you focus on is what comes back to you. So I don’t have the time to, and I’m not knocking anybody that wanna say “ooo why you don’t wanna [go] to the Oscars,” “ooo why you don’t do that.” I just don’t care about what someone is keeping me out of. I’m more concerned with where I’m welcomed and you know I go hard for that.”

Watch the full interview, below: