T.I. and Tiny Party Without Each Other, Fueling More Separation Rumors , Side Piece revealed….. ?



First of all we all know T.I. rarely let’s TINY out of his sight, where ever he goes, she goes too so it’s just mind blowing that TIP allowed TINY to go on vacation with her girls and have a blast fueling more Separation rumors. Of course they went on Instagram sending cryptic messages to each other and clearly trying to make one another jealous…  I’m just waiting on the break baby to come out…. It’s coming..

While Tiny was Instagramming bikini pictures, TI was caught at the Blueflame Lounge in Atlanta, scoping the scene and taking videos of the eye candy that was dancing on the pole… Apparently TIP is secretly smashing Draya’s homegirl Jasmine Jaye here is her picture below:


It looks like she came up, because TIP just blessed her with a new Benz and word is Draya wants nothing to do with her because she will not stop sleeping with TIP… I guess she removed herself from being her friend because when everything hits the fan she wants no parts of it… Which I don’t blame her….  Even though TIP has taken to Instagram to address the fact that he will indeed be staying with his wife through thick and thin… Still…… Anyway I am rooting for the first couple of the south…  Looking good TINY!

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16 thoughts on “T.I. and Tiny Party Without Each Other, Fueling More Separation Rumors , Side Piece revealed….. ?

  1. I hopwe they make it – The girl aint ugly – so i mean – if looks is what he wants then he doin alright – but I dont think he’ll ever publicly leave Tiny – what they do behind those walls is a different story!

  2. Does T.I. not hang with that wanna be celebrity man who calls himself Lil Duval? WHACK name lol!! Eye hear Lil Duval send subliminal messages from his Facebook Page about how his so called friends ain’t around no more for support, we NEVER see them in pics anymore. Eye think T.I. see that this man ain’t even worth less than less than 200,00 if that, he’s moving on with Columbia with the REALEST!!!

    1. I know someone that knows Tiny and they never had an open relationship early in their relationship before they started having those two boys they use to go to the club and get a girl and have threesomes but throughout the years and since they had those kids and married its not like that anymore they were much younger than

  3. I’ve heard about this young lady and TI before. If TI and Tiny have an “open” marriage, why would this woman be a problem? Hasn’t TI been doing whatever he wants for years now?

    1. True, but @MB he is getting out of Character now, you know when a man finally gets that one woman makes him rethink everything even being with his family and apparently this chick is the one…. But I know TIP says that he is staying with TINY through thick and thin… But time will tell..

  4. If ur going to get booty shots.. I need for these celeb chicks to get on a high protein diet and add some mass to their legs and thighs. At least make it look real as possible. Anyway, I hope this rumor is not true.

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