SWV says: ‘Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child learned from our mistakes’



SWV are back and in full swing since the debut of their new reality show “Reunited”, this Grammy nominated group has sold 15 million records worldwide and during an interview with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon the ladies of SWV opened up about their breakup, which happened at the peak of their fame.

During a candid moment from episode 1 of SWV Reunited, Taj confesses that it was Coko who caused the trio to break up. “CoCo wanted more money. She wanted more of everything and maybe if she hadn’t, SWV would still be together,” she says. “We would never have taken a hiatus and we’d still be on top.”

CoCo disagrees with Taj’s take on SWV’s split.

“That’s not why I think the group broke up. I think we all have three different versions,” CoCo said. “From my understanding she [LeLee] stopped showing up, she wasn’t coming to any more shows. So it was just us two [CoCo and Taj] and we weren’t speaking.”

“The label didn’t want her [LeLee] in the group anymore anyway, so it was just like a bunch of mess.” The ladies of SWV also opened up about paving the way for other R&B girl groups like Destiny’s Child.

“We knew them when they were little, when they were Girls Tyme,” LeLee recalled. “They used to come to our hotel rooms and jump on our beds when they were just kids.” LeLee remember Beyoncé at a young age standing out as the group’s lead vocalist. “She was singing her a** off then. And she’s definitely a leader.” “They had intelligent people around them who knew business and knew how to work the system. They were very fortunate,” Taj added.

“They learned from our mistakes,” said LeLee.


Honestly I think a lot of Destiny’s child and Bey’s success has to do with Matthew Love him or hate him, his business and negotiating skills and personal interests in the girls’ success skyrocketed them.

  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye’ma watch this show

  • Coffy Brown

    i totally agree with SWV and @Elle – I think they still have it in them to be big – But I truly think in my opinion – Coko was the main cause of it from what was seen and talked about – she was the only one that went on to make solo albums – three in total that did not do so well – I have always loved SWV and watching them perform at Wembley was sensational – the crowd showed them so much love and you can tell they were appreciated as artists – even all these years that they havent even been performing – LeLee was always my favorite – I wish thm much success – This show has been in the works for awhile – Im glad to see they were able to make it happen!